Here's a lesson for the 4th of July

As at least one of the SD blogs has already posted the text of the Declaration of Independence, I would point you to something different.

Here, at US, you can find short biographies on the men who signed this declaration of war against England, the country which (in effect) birthed this nation and was one of the most powerful nations in the world at that time. I would strongly encourage you to read each and every one.

In this modern day and age, it is inconceivable that something like this could occur. It would be as if Hawaii or Alaska declared it's independence and raised an Army to enforce that independence against the inevitable federal troops.

These were scholars, statesmen, and persons of incomparable bravery. Many lost their lives and fortunes in the war. Some were captured and imprisoned. In these shallow times of mass media where we idolize vapid entertainers, and others equally self indulgent, this type of true heroism should give us pause. These were men who risked (and many lost) everything on an idea of freedom and democracy.

With their act of defiance, all of these brave men earned a place of honor in our history.


mike said…
In the earliest days of our country there was a parade in New York City to commemorate our new country. In that parade was a float. It was a model of a huge ship with flapping sails. The banner on the side read:

"Behold the federal ship of fame


We call her name

To every craft she'll give employ

Sure, Cartmen have their share of joy"

The Cartmen were the forerunners of the Teamsters.

Imagine, Teamsters recognising, appreciating and celebrating the creation of Alexander Hamilton... capitalisim.
They knew what it ment....back then.

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