One last post on abortion, and then I'll get to something less controversial

I had read through the Campaign for Healthy Families filing tonight, posted on it, and then I was prepared for bed. But then I ran across Doug Wiken's post on how the "No on Six/Take Back South Dakota" Organization was hosting a design the t-shirt contest.

My initial thought? Where in the heck did this group come from? I thought the "Campaign for Healthy Families" group was it. Now there's a new group?

I went to the website at and dug around a little. But, little or no information is available. The only mention was a listing for an organization calling itself "Choice in South Dakota" as part of the copyright notice at the bottom of the page. (Hellooo? political disclaimers anyone?)

So where did this organization come from? In looking, I don't see a political filing, and it looks like they've spent money on a website. In fact, I don't see a corporate or non-profit filing of any sort with the Secretary of State's office at all.

What I did find was that the website seems to be registered to Clair Scholz of Asio Studios web design in Rapid City, a company that also does such area websites as the Homestake Visitor's Center and Rushmore Mortgage. But, amazingly enough, neither the "Choice in South Dakota" website, nor another one hosted on their webserver - the homesite for appears in the businesses portfolio.

Yes, the Asio Studios reference is the reason this one got me digging. Because I dimly recalled a notation on the Campaign for Healthy Families campaign finance report that they recieved in-kind services from Asio Studios for their website.

And now, here's this same web design company involved with this t-shirt thing. It's clear from the get-go that they are advertising themselves as a new organization advocating a position against the ballot measure. And they're stating that they're raising money (via t-shirt sales) to combat the measure.

But, despite assertions that the money raised will go to combat the measure, where's the campaign finance registration and reporting to guarantee that?

My question is - how many of these ad-hoc organizations are we going to see pop up to raise money for (or off of) this ballot measure this year? And more importantly - unless you look very closely - how can you determine if they're affiliated or separate?

This next legislative session could be the moment we see campaign finance and reporting laws completely re-vamped. Because as evidenced from this new group popping up out of nowhere, it's looking like South Dakota is still the wild west when it comes to campaign finance disclosure.


Anonymous said…
What do expect from a baby-killing organization? Honesty?
Anonymous said…
Haha, yes, I am sure this organization has performed thousands upon thousands of abortions (??)
Anonymous said…
When the governors fund starts filing campaign finance reports and Gov. Rounds starts paying income taxes on the governor's fund money that he is using for personal expenses then you GOPsters, and PP can start casting stones or whatever else you do in your closed caucus.

While we're talking about disclosure, how about posting the Republican platform and specifically the origin of species plank.
Douglas said…
I'm all for disclosure of funding on political ads, websites, blogs..whatever.

I also don't think our elected officials ought to even be allowed to accept even a free cup of coffee without reporting it.

How much coffee did Rounds drink on the great secret hunting safari to the plains of Dakota? Doesn't want any coverage of that, but wants us to believe it got $70 Million into Homestake research.

Republican pols always want to have their cake and eat it too.

Incidentally, got any clues as to who was on Cheney's energy committee? I don't much like $3.00 a gallon gas and would like to be reassured that meeting had nothing to do with price increase or tax subsidies to big GM gashog vehicles.

Anyway, PP, you are probably just not happy that your talent for Tee-shirt design is too expensive for that website or their payment suggestion.

Keep slogging, er bloging..away however. Always interesting.

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