If it's called the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families , how come most of their donors are from out of state?

Yes, I'm not so naive to think that the group supporting HB 1215 isn't going to have significant out-of-state support as well. (But I needed a catchy title.)

Either way, this is an interesting look at where this side of the battle is getting their bucks from.

The battle over whether abortion is legal or illegal in South Dakota is already being cited as one of "the" national level races this year. Some have distilled it down to being a basic question of "states rights." Some look at it as an infringement of personal freedom. While others look at it on the basis of life beginning at conception.

Whichever way your opinion goes, the first financials are interesting. Click on the pictures for a larger view of who is coughing up for the battle. Or go here for the .pdf file as was recently filed with the South Dakota Secretary of State's office.

Before the listing of what is itemized, they're claiming over $65k of unitemized donations. The itemized donations account for a little over $40k of funding. Of the itemized donations, 22 donors were from South Dakota, and I counted 55 that were from other states.

Who are some of the notable donors you might recognize?

Former GOP House member Jan Nicolay, of course, who also plays a large role in the organization donated $200. Local attorney Curt Mortensen from Ft. Pierre is in for $250. One that got my attention was a donation from Western Surety's Dan Kirby for $1000. That, and the Democratic organization "Focus South Dakota" who is in for a $5000 donation. Even Maria Bell who co-chaired last year's Task Force to Study Abortion is in for $1000.

Right now, all their receipts are totalling in at $116,000+ - with much more to come. I'd watch for this battle to go far past $1 million before you-know-who sings.


Haggs said…
The out-of-state donations isn't that surprising. Like you said, this is a big national issue. The result of the SD November election could impact the whole country.

How's the HB 1215 support fund doing?
Anonymous said…
The 38,416 signatures they got to refer the measure to the ballot were all from South Dakotans. Don't forget that.
Anonymous said…
That's some good one-sided blog reporting. What about the YES on 6 side of things? Tell me about that. Where is their money coming from?

Oh, and did Elli accept money from a ponographer, or was that just someone who engages in sexual harassment?

Zero credibility you have, when one side you limit your argument to, young Padowan.
PP said…
anon 7:04 - a couple of things.

#1- You misspelled "padawan" - aside from the fact I'm not a novice, Jedi or otherwise.

#2- The forces trying to support the measure just got organized, and I don't know that they've spent any money yet, hence they wouldn't have to report

Although, I did just hear that Leslee Unruh is going to be taking a leadership role.

As soon as I have information, I intend to post it.
Anonymous said…
"Although, I did just hear that Leslee Unruh is going to be taking a leadership role."

Well, that will pretty much guarantee HB1215 being struck down by the voters. Maybe her husband will be the brains behind the operations, I think the last statewide campaign they led was Pat Buchanen's independant presidential bid in 2000 (how did that go)?

Lastly, PP...where is all that money that was going to start pooring in, as Leslee said, supporting 1215. This fund set up by the boy Genius Lee S. has less money than the Bruce Whalen.

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