What ever happened to....... The Argus Leader's new attempt at blogging?

Anyone remember that the Argus Leader was going to make another attempt at blogging? Yes, I had nearly forgotten it as well. Back long ago when they wanted to give it another go, here was their justification:
...the reality is you - our readers - aren't that way. And our readers are getting more technologically savvy by the hour.

So we're going to use technology - the Web - to deal with a couple of niggling issues we've had on the editorial page since there have been editorial pages:

• Immediacy. We want to do things more quickly.

• Interaction. We want communication to be a two-way street.We've got new features that will allow readers to get involved in the editorial page and also allow us to get information out more quickly - specifically during the legislative session in Pierre, when events move so quickly they often can overtake the printed page

Immediacy and interaction. Well, they had one of them right. Blogs do offer interaction. But for immediacy, well..... Let's just say that one must keep up on it. So, here's a quick update of the last time when they bothered to pay any attention to them:

The Argus Leader Editorial Blog:
Tuesday, 23 May 2006
Underage drinking

Are there solutioins to underage drinking - especially drinking and driving?
What would work? What wouldn't?
Let us have your thoughts.
Misspellings included. You'd think I'm writing it, not a professional editor. Here's what's in The Argus Leader Legislative Journal:
Wednesday, 22 February 2006
Now for the Senate
State House members on Tuesday overrode Gov. Mike Rounds' veto of a bill that would direct students convicted of drug offenses to treatment and counseling - rather than focusing on punishment.
Somehow, I manage to make legislative coverage my bailiwick, even when it's not in session. Finally, the bright spot - the entertainment blog:
Tuesday, 20 June 2006
Collective Soul bails on the Pavilion
The Washington Pavilion's attempt at marketing nostalgia has failed. Collective Soul has cancelled the last leg of its fall tour, which would have brought the band to Sioux Falls on Sept. 9 as the headlining musical act for the Pavilion's Sidewalk Arts Festival. A release from the Pavilion says the band is ditching the dates to go back in the studio (Is this a burgeoning epidemic? Modest Mouse announced similar news earlier this week.)
Even the one which is updated regularly isn't updated that regularly. The prior entry was June 8th. So, we're getting news and information that's stale by anywhere from 2 weeks at the least, to 5 months at the most.

I think it's time for them to give it up, once again.


nonnie said…
I basically don't think they like blogs or bloggers and have a very low opinion of them. They have called bloggers some pretty nasty names before and I'm surprised that they even want to be associated with them at all.
Todd Epp said…
Maybe the Argus has learned what PP, myself and other SD bloggers refuse to learn: you can't make money at this, at least very easily.
Anonymous said…
Snark, snark, snark. It gets tiresome and boring very quickly. Duh!

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