SDGOP Website makes a few updates.
Take a moment to give a SD Blog some love.

The South Dakota GOP made a few updates on it's website yesterday, adding several articles, events, rearranging things, etc. But as they have moved their notation of the Dakota Alliance of Blogs to a prominent position at the top of the page, they're still only listing 2 (Sibby, SDP).

This leaves off several noteworthy blogs including such thoughtful websites such as Jay Reding, and the Drudge Report styled Jim River Report. Not to mention weblogs being written by former party officials such as RadioActive Chief, being written by a former GOP county chair, and SD Straight Talk being written by former SDGOP Chair Joel Rosenthal.

Looking for a more complete list of South Dakota GOP Bloggers? As noted on the SDP website:
There are a few others, such as the Dakota Voice (Blog) which is ancillary to the Dakota Voice newspaper, but the list above are stand alone centers of Republican thought.

The GOP Bloggers do a lot in driving political interest and topics in South Dakota - including traffic to the State GOP website. There is political thought and commentary across the ideological spectrum (despite what Dems may think), and I'd encourage you check them out.

(But don't forget to come back here when you're done). ;)


Haggs said…
It's not too surprising that they listed Sibby. He basically parrots everything that comes out of the Republican party anyway.

But I like your list better, PP. I enjoy reading Jay Reding, RadioActive Chief and this blog, even when I disagree with them. They should be highlighted as some of the best among SDGOP blogs.
Anonymous said…
Good for Mr. Jay Davis, who said it well. It is too bad when a real Democrat like Mr. Katus is willing to put himself out there are a candidate, then is pushed aside by the party when somebody else comes along. Talk about being abandoned by your party! It is enough to make me think about re-registering as an Independent.
Anonymous said…
Haggs: Sibby puts hours into his research, he has files for all his views. He is one of the BEST!

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