Primary campaign reports - Latterell versus Sutton

One of the biggest unexpected victories of this past primary was Isaac Latterell over Duane Sutton. I've been anticipating these reports, and I wasn't disappointed. These reports were intriguing. And they very simply told a compelling story by looking at the last page.

Between personal monetary input, and donations, Isaac raised and spent roughly $3375 with a little left over. In other words, he raised all he could, and spent it on the his pursuit of the seat.

Contrast that with Duane Sutton:

With $1238 already in the kitty at the start of the campaign, Duane raised another $12,000. But when you look at what he spent, he spent little more than half of what he raised for the primary.

He lost his race with nearly $6200 sitting in the bank after election day, while Isaac spent most everything he had.

I think this is an important lesson for candidates. Focus on the election at hand, and put all your resources and drive into that race. Because Isaac taught Duane the lesson that anyone can beat anyone if they want it badly enough and work hard enough.

And I suspect he'll put that same effort into the fall election.


Anonymous said…
PP- Perhaps a report on some averages spent for the primaries held- statewide?
PP said…
That would be a good idea as soon as everyone gets their reports in. last I knew, there were 40+ tardy.
Anonymous said…
40+ tardy? Where is the outrage from the Lance Russell group? These reckless lawbreakers need to be stopped!

PP, why aren't you righting a post on this? You jumped all over Fuller when it might help your buddy...did you forget?
PP said…
No, I haven't forgotten. Are you not noticing that I'm bringing it up?

On occasion, I do require food and sleep, and this week I have to provide child care.
Anonymous said…
Yes, PP, but you made light of fuller's failure to file. Implying that if he can't do that on time, follow the LAW, then...

Now we have over 40 late filers and nobody is raising a stink or even seems to care for that matter. Were is the self-rightous indignation? Hypocrites or opportunists, I just can't decide.

Anonymous said…
The lesson here is that money doesn't buy campaigns here in SD...Look at the Rounds campaign, Elli's campaign and Issac's. Money helps, but can't stop a dedicated campaigner. Stan A. might want to consider that next time he's dumping a ton of cash into some lackie's account.

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