Amendment D says Yes to the Brown County Fair

From a press release issued today:
The Stabilize Taxes On Property (S.T.O.P.) group who gathered over 52,000 signatures statewide to place Amendment D, the property tax assessment cap on the November 7th Ballot, will have an informational booth at the Brown County Fair in Aberdeen through this weekend.

Chief of Staff David Phelps, will be at the fair all week to answer questions, hand out literature, and volunteers will be distributing VOTE 'YES' ON AMENDMENT D BUMPER STICKERS. The booth number is #70, which is located in the Holum Expo Building right behind the Hockey Building. Look for the large banner hanging in the booth.

The website for Amendment D is To reach us by email: By phone: 605-341-2370
This release also comes on the heels of another press release issued today on Amendment D from State Senator Bill Napoli:
State Senator Bill Napoli says, "South Dakota Ag producers now face HUGE ASSESSMENT INCREASES EVEN WITH THE 150% Rule." Napoli went on to say, " A recent news article stated Ag valuations state wide went up 17 percent. With Ag values increasing 75 percent over the last five years along with the drought, escalating fuel costs, insurance, fertiziler, equipment, and a host of other costs increasing, the Ag Industry is now facing double digit percentage property assessment increases followed by hefty property tax increases."

Senator Napoli has worked with a team of volunteers across the state to place Amendment D, the Property Assessment Cap on the November Ballot. The volunteer group turned in over 52,000 signatures, which was the largest record number of signatures for any ballot measure.

Napoli says, " These double digit property assessment increases would no longer happen under Amendment D." Senator Napoli goes on to say, "Property assessments could not go up more than a maximum of 3% per year, until the property is sold. Then the 3% maximum yearly increase kicks in on any new property sold. Amendment D will Stabilize Taxes On Property, and will not effect any local government budgets such as our schools, cities, counties, road districts, townships, etc."

He also goes on to say, "Amendment D allows the same rate of growth in assessments that our local budgets are allowed to grow which by state law is a maximum of 3%."

"As more and more land is sold at higher prices, the landowners surrounding these sales are currently being penalized by someone else's purchase price. Amendment D will change the way property is assessed. When Amendment D passes assessments will then be based on the sales price, and that sales price will no longer effect any neighboring property."

Senator Napoli asks, "Why would anyone oppose Amendment D?"
You can find out more about Amendment D at


Anonymous said…
Landowners being penalized for someone else's purchase price... Must be hell having an investment increasing in value like that.
Anonymous said…
Good investment, huh??? Try making a living on that land with the drought and costs of production plus assessment going out the roof. Lets be fair, purchase price of property should be the asscessment. Investors like anonymous 12:50 am are able to pay the taxes on what ever they paid for the property, not some landowner, (with land not for sale.)
Anonymous said…
It's it amazing to hear from folks like anonymour 3:59.

Every time they have a poor year they look for hand outs from Govt(our tax dollars).

When was the last time a retailer
got assistance when when business was slow.

How about the tourist attractions in the hill? How much are they going to lose because of the high gas prices.

Yet you don't hear them asking for Fed or State money.

Add to that, the farmers and ranchers are paying a lot lower property tax bill because of the special rate they get for ag land.

While I'm all for trying to help keep the family farm alive, I'm really tried of hearing how hard they have it. They get more breaks then everyone else combined.
Anonymous said…
As s retired property owner, living in a house in town and living on a fixed income. Is my answer to my forever increasing taxes going to make me sell my house or should I be looking for a job at WalMart, so I can pay the increase in taxes? Amendment D will be a YES for for me! Thank you Senator Napoli for finally coming up with a a simple plan to put a cap on real estate taxes. I can live with a cap of up to 3% increase.
Anonymous said…
Anon 3:59, tighten up your belt and try getting by an extra year with your $42,000 2005 Ford Extended Cab.
Anonymous said…
Hello Income Tax!
Anonymous said…
How can you even say that this measure will cause an income tax? Maybe you should learn about the system in enforcing an income tax, this new income tax would have to be voted on by the whole state in a general election. Now do you think that over 50% of the people in this state want an income tax?

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