More on little Jimmy's trip to the Iowa State Fair

Dear Diary:

"The other day, I went to the Iowa State Fair. The beef judging and the 4-H exhibits were cool. Except for that part where I beat on a car window and got cuffed and stuffed. Then I was sad."
Well, that's a narrative, but it isn't exactly the narrative that Rapid City Mayor Jim Shaw gave to the Rapid City Journal about his recollection of the events of a couple of days ago. Scott Aust of the Rapid City Journal appears to have gotten stuck with that assignment as the Mayor gave his sugar coated narrative of what happened.
As he lay face down on the warm pavement, hands cuffed behind his back and blood seeping from a cut knee, Rapid City Mayor Jim Shaw wondered what the heck was happening. “It’s almost like being in a bad dream,” Shaw said during a Friday afternoon media briefing at city hall in which he explained the series of events on Aug. 11 that led to him being detained and ticketed by the Iowa State Fair Patrol for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Shaw doesn’t believe he did anything wrong — and certainly nothing that warranted being thrown on the ground and handcuffed.

“This incident, I would hope the people of Rapid City would realize, is totally, completely out of character for Jim Shaw,” he said. “I’ve never been arrested in my life. I’ve had a couple of traffic tickets, but I have never experienced a situation like this with any kind of law enforcement person.”
Read it all here as the mayor speaks about himself in the third person. Being in the business myself, I can recognize spin when I see it. And it isn't particularly good. There's just a little too much "little angelic me" in this tale for me to swallow it.

As the tickets he provided state:
"The tickets, copies of which Shaw provided to the media, indicate Shaw “engaged in fighting or violent behavior in a public place” and that he resisted a peace officer in performance of his duty."
You know, somehow I don't think they issue those for a tap on a window as he's trying to portray it. I think he was mad, and might have done just a little bit more than a polite knock. And resisting arrest? Again, I think you have to be pretty unruly for the police to haul that one out as well.

So, sorry. I'm a doubting thomas on this one until I see the arrest report. And I suspect that goes double for many of the voters in Rapid City.


Anonymous said…
The rapid city journal has always protected Jim Shaw.
Anonymous said…
Wait a second ... Are you suggesting that an executive official in a city government is not telling the whole truth?
Anonymous said…
The opening paragraph of the RCJ story looks like something a PR person would churn out. I really expected more objectivity from a newspaper of that size.
I know some rent-a-cops like to throw their weight around when given authority, but I still find the mayor's version hard to swallow. I wonder if anyone bothered to write down the name of the woman who was driving the SUV. It would be interesting to hear HER side of the story.
Anonymous said…
Oh. I get it. Jim Shaw must be a Dem. Otherwise PP would be taking his side.
Anonymous said…
So what is Jim Shaw 's political affiliation, Republican or Democrat?
Anonymous said…
Is jackoff a political affiliation? I'm having a hard time finding people who know him who will defend him on this one, Dem or Rep.
Anonymous said…
Wouldnt it be convienent if there was a video,,,lol
PP said…
Anon 2:12, you must not read me very much. I've certainly taken some Republicans to task before.

And for your info, I have no idea what his political affiliation is.
Anonymous said…
Check with the auditors office, but I think you'll find that Jim Shaw is a registered Rep.
Anonymous said…
Shaw is a registered Republican, but is a RINO.

He switched right before his first run for public office.

The only Repub event he shows up for is Lincoln day, and that's only for the free meal and the fact he gets a seat at the head table.
Unknown said…
I'm not a Jim Shaw fan. However, I do know that the scenario he describes is not implausible. This is typical, not unusual, behavior for cops. This, in spite of the fact that such behavior no doubt embarasses cops who know how to handle such situations properly.
Anonymous said…

You must have been smoking some of that funny weed again.
Anonymous said…
This is like deja vu. Reminds me of the time Lee Schoenbeck took after a teenager who he thought was driving too fast down the street and sucker punched the kid through his car window (or dragged him out of the car). In any event, Lee the former prosecutor assaulted the kid. This happened in Webster during Lee's first term in the senate.

Lee lost his re-election after that. But Shaw should borrow a page from Schoenbeck's book and move to a different place to run for office after people forget about this unseemly incident.

Anonymous said…
So you are saying that when Lee runs for Gov in 2010 he should pick Shaw as his Lt. Gov? That sounds like a good idea. E. River, W. River. Nut, Nut. No Beard, Beard. Short, Short.
Anonymous said…
Sounds to me like Lee gave the kid something he was sorely lacking.

Anonymous said…
10:19, just like the state gave Gina Score? If I smacked my teenager in the street I'd probably get arrested and have to move to Watertown too.
Unknown said…
Anonymous said... "Bob, You must have been smoking some of that funny weed again." 1:19 PM

Now, that's a remark worthy of PP himself, known for attacking the messenger when he has no argument of refutation.
Anonymous said…
To continue with 6:55's theme: whino/RINO, has been/never was, whack job/whacker, boy blunder/bat brain.

Schoenbeck/Shaw: Dream ticket for anybody with a lisp.

Campaign slogan: "Have whoop ass (for women and children only) -will travel"
Anonymous said…
Lee, I know you read this blog. I dare you to deny 4:18's comment. I dare you.
PP said…
Jeez anon 9:17 - a bit confrontational tonight?

I remember the incident myself, and if I recall the specifics from the media, it was a kid who was tearing through a residential neighborhood at high speed.

25 years ago, it would have never been questioned. But back 10 or so when it happened through the present, forget it.

Anymore, God forbid someone try to stop an idiot kid from tearing through a neighborhood.

In Yankton it got somebody killed.

As PDQ noted - "Sounds to me like Lee gave the kid something he was sorely lacking.

Anonymous said…
An Shaw gave the woman tearing through the fair at high speed some parenting she needed too!
Anonymous said…
PDQ and PP,

Why don't you ask the kids at the Children's in about your idea of parenting? Do you suppose Dennis Daugaard would agree? Perhaps Lee should have dialed 911 instead of punching the kid.
Anonymous said…
it's illegal to "parent" your own kids by punching them - let alone someone else's kids.
PP said…
anons, I don't recall that "punching" was involved, nor do I think anyone should punch their kids.
Anonymous said…
Your recollection is faulty. Lee punched the kid.

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