Brookings School District follwed it's alphabet tonight

I'm told that tonight, the Brookings School District passed resolutions against both Amendment D - the property tax amendment, and Amendment E.... Which one is that?

Oh yes, the one I spend at least 1/5 of my time railing on about. The Amendment which arose from people who are against a few things such as: government, taxes, the New World Order, water flouridation, marriage licenses, and a plethora of other things.

Yes, my friends led by Ron Branson, Bill Stegmeier and Bonnie Russell got shot down in a resolution by the Brookings School Board tonight. I'm told it came after the helpful and informative video produced and provided by the No-on-E people.

Also - here's a newstip for you that you haven't heard yet - apparently a wealthy Brookings businessman wants to do a "Denny Sanford" and make a charitable donation to the School District which will be valued in the MILLIONS before it's done.

It was publicly discussed in the meeting tonight, but I'll let the MSM and the school district come out with it officially because I only have sketchy details.

Suffice it to say that if it comes to fruition, it could mean a new school and a science museum - any way you look at it, it's a major deal for the school kids and the district itself.

No on E and a major benefactor. Not a bad night.


Anonymous said…
I can understand Brookings not wanting amendment D. Their local effort (property taxes for k-12)are decreasing at almost twice the rate of the state average. Must be hard living in the poor old dying town of Brookings where the assessed value of all their property is decreasing so rapidly.
If D passes they might have to pull their own weight like the averge South Dakotan does !!
brian aust said…
PP -

FYI. We held a session on ballot initiatives, Amendment E included, at our conference last week.

Since then, Belle Fourche, Spearfish, Parker and now Brookings have confirmed to have passed resolutions, and I'll wager that alot more will take action at their September or August board meeting.

Good stuff.
Vote No on all but 4 said…

I know they may be politically undefensible, but there are some serious logical arguments against having the state be involved with marriage liscencing and flouridation of water, much less the current tax structure.

That being said, Amendment E is ludicrous.
Anonymous said…
Brookings School Board members will not influence my thinking on Amendment D. As a voter, I am able to think for myself and don't need their help.

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