At least this Mayor wasn't assaulting a woman

In a third installment of Mayors Gone Wild, it was announced that Mayor Larry Beesley of Brandon was just arrested for DUI, coming on of the heels of assault charges against the Onida Mayor and recent conviction of the Belle Fourche Mayor for domestic assault:
Brandon Mayor Larry Beesley was cited for driving under the influence and speeding late Tuesday night, Brandon police said.

Brandon Police Chief Phillip Youngdale said Beesley was stopped on Aspen Boulevard near McHardy Park Road in Brandon about 11 p.m. Tuesday.

Beesley was traveling in excess of 10 miles over the posted speed limit of 45 mph, Youngdale said, and his blood alcohol level was not known Wednesday.


"All I can really tell you right now is that I've advised my client not to make any public comments until we know more about the situation and see police reports and things of that nature," McGowan said. "However, he did want me to express his apologies to his family, friends and colleagues for any embarrassment this situation has caused."
Read it here in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

I'd encourage all city alderman to enroll in "the SDWC course on tips to stay in office."
#1 - Don't get arrested for DUI or assaulting a woman.

#2 - see #1.
That will be $295, please.


Anonymous said…
Theres a google news item from Des Moines Iowa where the Mayor from Rapid City was busted at the State fair (Iowa), been a bad year or so for SD's Mayors.

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