High praise indeed. She hates me. I think she really, really hates me.

I was wondering what to write over the noon hour when I had a tip from a fellow blogger that I've moved up again on the Amendment E hate list.

I had been running behind fellow Amendment E blogger Tim Gebhart on the list of amendment E enemies for some time as a result of his thoughtful and well written dissections of the incredibly bad ballot measure. But recently I seem to have taken a leap ahead of him on Bonnie Russell's naughty list. (Guess that means I don't get a present this year!)

Get a load of this tirade which made me giggle in masochistic glee:
A word about South Dakota bloggers, two of whom appear ethicially challenged. One boring lawyer when telephoned and questioned about inaccurate reports said, "I am not a journalist" (which absolves him from...?) Ask blogging opponents of Amendment E which PACs created either from State Bar meetings or big business (funding a couple of websites) which organization pays for their blogging product. Ask Pat Powers why he manufacturers emails and makes up quotes about others, (first busted on that last March by myself). Powers response? Silence. South Dakota senators have told me very negative things about Powers, the nicest being he's is a smoke and mirrors guy...as his banner ads appear to indicate. Seems very few generate any income. This becomes obvious when clicking the pictures of smiling individuals. Up pops an ad for Pat Powers blog, not a website to the person smiling. Then at the end of the month Powers trills "The blog received so many hits, (no visible counter we're supposed to trust him) and thank you!" Right. Smoke and mirrors seems apt.
Read it all here, and eat your hearts out. Oh my god! Bonnie can't find my hit counter.... (cough.. cough... site meter at the bottom of the page.. cough.. cough..) And heaven forbid I put pictures up to fill unused ad space. As "Mr. Bill" would cry in a high pitched voice in days past, "Oh Nooooooo." And I'd love to hear which Senators she's citing, because last I recalled, the proponents of Amendment E don't typically talk much with members of our State Senate.

Otherwise, I believe her greviance probably relates to the fact that I recently pointed out the fact that instead of being confirmed as part of the Amendment E effort, as the South Dakota Judicial Accountability crew now calls their own website the only official one, Bonnie Russell is now focusing on an effort to make money off of the anti-judicial paranoia that Amendment E contributes to inducing:
Apparently Bonnie is involved with USAJudges.com at http://www.usajudges.com. And you have to be asking yourself - What's their schtick?
USAJudges.com offers attorneys and citizens the chance to post their own experiences, so you can look for insight into a judge's crucial dynamics from people who have been in his or her courtroom.

And that's not all. For a low, low price you can create or retreive a report on a judge:

So, all of you disgruntled judge haters - you too can create a basic report, or pay $45 to create a detailed report on why your judge stunk. And better yet, for $150 or $250, the people who hate judges can get a detailed report on the bad judges.
I know I'm getting to someone when the best they can do is go after the hit counter and the pictures on my website. And then try to infer "someone on the playgound doesn't like me."

Let me assure you, the reader of a few things. Yes, I get that many visitors. Yes, I have some advertisers, and some pictures that aren't paid for which I change from time to time.

But most importantly, I don't print it unless I have a source. I might paraphrase if I can't find the source, but I'll disclose that. But if I write something, just like most all other South Dakota bloggers, I can and I will I'll back it up.

So, Bonnie. I'm not backing off one inch. No matter how many people on the playground don't like me.


Anonymous said…
Poor Bonnie...who wants to volunteer to let her know that "manufacturer" is, in fact, not a verb, but rather a noun? But then again, probably only corrupt judges and other evil officials are expected to employ correct spelling and proper grammar! I smell a conspiracy. Bonnie, start circulating the petitions!
Anonymous said…
PP - what quote were you "busted" about making up? Is there a post you can link to on that?
Anonymous said…
You go, PP. These folks are nuts and I hope all SD'rs realize this.
PP said…
Anon 3:33 - the post she's railing on is here:


apparently because I didn't remember the exact verbage when I wrote "As she puts it in one article (forgive me if I slightly misquote this) "I'm praised in Northern California but jailed in Southern California." That permanently labels me as "a bliegger" as she coins it.

In her self-righteous anger she pointed out that the correct quote was:

How dumb does Bliegger boy believe readers are?

The correct quote?

"I work with the police in Northern California and get arrested by them in Southern California."

Well, just damn me for screwing that quote up. Apparently she thinks it completely removed it from it's context and I was irrefutably "busted."
Anonymous said…
I've talked to Bonnie, and she is a shrill nutcase just like the Amendment E types. Would love to know how much she is getting paid to flack for these people. Business is business, I guess.
Bonnie said…

Pity. When it comes to accuracy Pat, you really just don't seem to have too much in the way of Ambition in that area. But then you label the site gossip yourself so probably people don't expect much from you.

But I operate a little differntly. So for the sake of accuracy, - shrill headlines aside, I don't hate you.

In fact I appreciate you.

Your silly attacks on me finally jogged my memory enough so I realized who it was you reminded me of.

It took a while, but I finally got it. You and Ron Branson sound exactly alike.

Same hyperbole. God knows exactlythe same shrillness. I think took me so long probably because I dismissed Branson as a clown after reviewing his site once for five minutes in 1999 and haven't thought too much about it (or been back) since.

But today after your latest attack, something niggled at me, nagging with a deja vu feel to it. So I listened and then, boom. It hit me.

I returned to Branson's website. (You win hands down on graphics). But when I compared Branson's way of expressing himself to yours. . .

In text and tone, wow.

I'm getting that CSI feeling - because in text, tone and hyperbole, whaddaya know Sparky; you guys are a Match.

(Could be one of those "separated at birth" things.)

Having made the connection, I don't expect I'll be addressing your present or future postings.

PP said…
I don't expect I'll be addressing your present or future postings.

As if I could be so lucky.

And it's funny, I would have made the same comparison... Between Ron Branson and Bonnie, that is.
Anonymous said…
PP - keep up the good work. I appreciate that you put yourself out there to expose the truth about amendment E and its backers. Obviously, dealing with the petty attacks by amendment E quacks cannot be pleasant. Just keep doin' what yer doin' and remember that you cannot reason with the mad.

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