A terrible loss for the GOP

I just heard that Republican Activist Jim Hubbard passed away today. Jim has been a long time carrier of water for the elephant and it's a terrible loss for the Black Hills and South Dakota Republicans.

Our condolences to his wife Jan, and as I hear more information, I'll post an update.


Anonymous said…
I am saddened to hear this. When I first moved to Rapid City to become Executive Director of Pennington County Party, Jim and Jan were some of the kindest people I met. They were always quick with a hug and a kind word. During the 13 months I lived here and my wife still lived in Yankton, they showed extreme kindness and generosity to both of us. Jim and Jan were also one of the first contributors to my City Council campaign, a great show of faith in an uphill climb. This is a great loss, not just for the Republican Party, but for Rapid City and South Dakota in general. I am extremely sad this morning.
Anonymous said…
I am deeply saddened today. Jim's passing away is, as Micheal said, not only a loss to the SD Republican Party and Rapid City, but it is also a huge loss the people of South Dakota. I find myself very blessed to be able to say Jim Hubbard is friend of mine. Jim and Jan are one of the classiest couples I have ever met. I could always count on a warm hug from Jim and Jan whenever I ran into them. Jim is a gentleman, a class act, and a man of complete and total integrity. My thoughts and prayers are with Jan and the entire Hubbard family. Jim truly made South Dakota a better place to live. Rest in peace, Jim.
Anonymous said…

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