One of the replacements

I think I've been remiss in mentioning one of the GOP's ballot replacements for somone who decided not to give it a go. If you check out the ballot for District 22, you'll be as suprised as I was a week or so ago to see that long time lobbyist for Northwestern Energy, Warren Lotsberg, is now a candidate.

The replacement happened without a lot of fanfare, as I would have thought the GOP would have been doing high fives on this one, going "in your face, dems!" Against a notable Dem House slate such as Dale Hargens and Quinten Berg, Warren represents a solid chance to make sure one of those seats goes "R."

I've got another post I'll be doing on the new opponent against Hunhoff in Yankton, but I need to look at an old post I did first. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Great news, isn't it? Glad to see you picked up on it.

Anonymous said…
So happy to hear this is official - Warren will do an awesome job - sorry I'm not in his district to give him my official vote.
Anonymous said…
Are former high ranking Northwestern Energy officials electable these days?
Dave said…
Quinten and Dale are both good legislators. Quinten especially sees both sides of an issue and will vote with and against republicans depending on the issue. With Warren you will get a guy who is a straight line republican. Never one you would have to worry about causing any problem. However, I would hope people would remember Northwestern's history and he was in administration there for a number of years, far to many perhaps.
Anonymous said…
The fear comes through in your message Dave.

Frankly those guys are good legislators. I'll acknowledge that.

But what a load you're pushing against Warren. He is an experienced hand at the Capitol, well liked by everyone and a master communicator. Do you really think people are going to vote against the guy they've heard on the radio and seen in their hometowns for 30 years? Get real.

He's proven his abilities over and over again. He'll make a great legislator. You're correct to be afraid.
Anonymous said…
I remeber Warren from his comments at the Law Enforcement Wild Game Feed, when he told the "joke" about dropping agents off to train on reservation lands and the uproar that followed, the apology, etc. Do you suppose KELO still has the clip?

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