Bill Harlan goes to the dedication

On Mt Blogmore tonight, Bill Harlan announced he is starting a travel blog for the Vietnam War Memorial dedication.

I'm pretty jealous, because I'm involved in the dedication, and I can't do it myself. I'm working.

Regardless, make a point to go check out the post and watch for dedication information. This is going to be a phenomenal event. The town in buzzing, and people are already arriving in droves - and it doesn't get started until tomorrow.

As for after the event? I might even be pursuaded to give up a photo or two myself.


feasant said…
This is a great welcome home! I remember as a youngster watching on TV the POWs arriving home. Thank you to all who served!! You were regarded as heroes in our home.
Tammy said…
Heroes in our home too--way back when--still heroes today!
Thank you once again and enjoy your South Dakota style party!

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