Planned Parenthood Potlucks. What's next? Keggers for Cancer?

(Click on the image to enlarge it.
Because you have to read this one to believe it.)
A national campaign from Planned Parenthood to have potluck dinners to raise money for the abortion battle in South Dakota. Wow. They have a national potluck coordinator?

And the quotes they have in this e-mail which is going out across the nation....
Here are some of our favorite quotes from people who have already planned parties:

"Put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt and join us for an End-of-Summer Luau. Eat, drink, be merry — and help us support choice in South Dakota ."
— Jasmine in Washington , DC

"I like food. I like friends. I like choice. Let's keep it that way."
— Allison in Atlanta , GA

"Dress is casual and the atmosphere will be rockin'!"
— KaeLyn in Oswego , NY
Yes, the atmosphere will be rockin'... indeed.

I'm not sure if I could consider this a clever idea, because the argument over whether or not a fetus constitutes an unborn child, or a collection of cellular material, seems to demand a bit more solemnity than a frat party.

I mean, I think this would be perfectly acceptable if it were for a candidate. But for abortion? It just seems a little too ...jovial.

It's not like you'd have Keggers for Cancer, or a Toga Party for pediatric AIDS with quotes like "Dress in your best bedsheet and do a beer bong to raise money for dying little Jimmy! Woooo!"

I'll be interested to see how many of these they do in South Dakota.

And whether or not they're cash bar or BYOB.

*Update* Just so I can make the obvious editorial cartoon on the topic before anyone else does, heeeere we go..


Anonymous said…
Hmmmmm. The clump of cells in your cartoon looks an awful lot like a baby human being.
Anonymous said…
Everybody knows it's just a blob of tissue.
Anonymous said…
You both have it wrong. It's neither a clump nor a blob. It's a "choice" albeit one with a heartbeat.
Anonymous said…
Did they say potluck at planned parenthood?

I wonder what's for desert?

Maybe the buffet line will be on operating table.
Anonymous said…
How would you suggest that they raise money then? I'm sure some of you conservatives can come up with all kinds of revolting ideas. Of course you would prefer that they do nothing at all.
While the idea of having potlucks might be somewhat offensive, your "cartoon" is as offensive as it gets. Frankly, I expected better out of you.
feasant said…
Who is the person who is going to take the minors over the State line? Miss Herseth?
Haggs said…
This was a horrible post, PP. Why can't they use potluck dinners to raise money? My church does it all the time. I disagree that potlucks have a "frat party" atmosphere.

And that picture you came up with was disgusting. You're better than that.
PP said…
Yes, your church does it. But as I said, I think the issue deserves a bit more gravitas than "Dress is casual and the atmosphere will be rockin'!"

And of course it's a bit much. It's not Garfield. It's an editorial cartoon intended to provoke reaction and opinion.
nonnie said…
What's the difference between the cartoon sticking a fork in a cartoon unborn baby vs. the abortionist sticking a knife or a pair of scissors in a real unborn baby? Maybe the truth hurts???

I just can't get over the indignation of pro-abortion people when a pro-life person states or shows a real fact about abortion. Then they claim the statement/picture is gross or disgusting. What in the world do they think abortion is???
Anonymous said…
Yeah, PP, shame on you. Didn't you read your handbook on political cartoons? Acceptable: a bona fide liberal calling Condoleeza Rice "Aunt Jemima." Unacceptable: a conservative exposing the truth.

There's only one reason this has you libs spitting nails. Because YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! And when it all comes down to it, you hate being reminded that before the baby is pulled apart it looks like a baby. It's not a noble cause you fight for, but you fight for it anyway. That has to be lonely.

Rage on, PP!
Haggs said…
One thing I've always been curious about: Why are people who are against abortion always in favor of pictures of dead babies? Isn't that something you'd be against as well?
Anonymous said…
C'mon haggs! You know they're not pictures of dead babies. You might want to refer to your sheet of talking points. The proper terms are listed below.

Potential life
Potential child
Potential human
Clump of cells
Blob of tissue
Economic inconvenience
Unwanted child
Unwanted pregnancy

There are others. Get back on message. We can't let them know the reality of our business.
Haggs said…
Whatever you say, Mr. Anonymous Conservative.
Anonymous said…
Whether it was your intent or not, your cartoon implies cannibalism.
Since you once stated on this blog that you would prefer that the abortion ban includes exceptions for incest and rape, I didn't expect you to be so radical.
Their potlucks might be in questionable taste, but your cartoon is deplorable.
Two wrongs have never made a right. You struck out on this one, pp.
Anonymous said…
Maybe the potlucks would be an opportunity for friends who know one another through work at Planned Parenthood to get together in a relaxed and fun environment.

Maybe the potlucks would be an opportunity to involve people who wouldn't feel comfortable at a demonstration or a wine and cheese fundraiser in Planned Parenthood's work.

Maybe the potlucks would be an opportunity for friends to spend time together while raising money for a cause they deem important.

Planned Parenthood isn't just about abortion and when it comes down to it, Referred Law 6 isn't just about abortion either.

And pro-choicers have fun sometimes, too.

Oh wait, no.

We eat babies.

At potlucks.

Sponsored by Planned Parenhood.

Anonymous said…
"It's an editorial cartoon intended to provoke reaction and opinion."

My opinion is that you're an oblivious hypocrite.
Anonymous said…
"...the argument over whether or not a fetus constitutes an unborn child, or a collection of cellular material, seems to demand a bit more solemnity than a frat party."

But a baby on a fork is real nice.

Jesus dude, what were you thinking?
Anonymous said…
Stick to gossip, and commentary on political signs and ads. You clearly can't handle the big stuff.
nonnie said…
PP is truly handling the "big stuff" better than the pro abortion people are! Where is their righteous anger over a dismembered, dying human life?!
Anonymous said…
That is the tackiest most offensive thing I have seen. Implying cannibalism?
Anonymous said…
when is the ACLU's Picnic for Porn?
been there said…
I thought your cartoon was great. Keep up the good work and keep 'em thinking!
Sid said…
This won't be as much fun as the ACLU's Barbeque for Bin Laden. It's billed as: "Meet Up - Eat Up - then release the WMD Up - and Satanic America goes DOWN." Don't forget paper plates!
Anonymous said…
Are they having potlucks because so many people had leftover buns in the oven?
Brad S said…
To all those who are screaming from the mountaintop (at least, in the blog comments!) about the alleged "inappropriateness" of PP's cartoon "alteration":

Welcome to a taste of your own medicine.
feasant said…
Hey you Liberals, wakeup! You can call it a choice, a fetus, or tissue.

It is a child you are killing and you just don't want to think about it.

If it were a turtle you were killing all the Liberals would be on the Life side, because it is a child you don't care.

PP You are great, it takes someone with courage and conviction to stand up to the Liberals on Life.

I feel sorry for liberals all they have on their side is lies, because 99% of liberal programs are failures, and death. I can't wait to join a Liberal cause!!

I will give you one more to pour a little more fuel on the fire! Have you ever heard "Thou shall not kill"
Anonymous said…
Trly disappointing. Just when this blog was becoming one of the best viewed one in the state you do this. What are you thinking?
Anonymous said…
pp, If you wanted a reaction to your cartoon, here is my opinion:
That cartoon should be repulsive to anyone with even a small amount of human dignity, regardless of what one's opinion is about abortion. You definitely crossed the line with the suggestion of cannibalism. What's next - cartoons about beastiality or necrophilia?
Ben said…
It's good that I'm not alone in my opinion that this post is horribly tasteless.

On a sidenote, PP, are you against having dinners with lots of people? What do you do at dinner with your family, just sit silently and chew your food? Basically, what do you have against potlucks?
Ben said…

Do you think giving women the vote was a failure?
Anonymous said…
If the cartoon itself is so repulsive one would think that the actual act of terminating life is much more vulgar and repulsive.

Talk about moral relativism.

I'll break it down for the backwards caveman liberals who call themselves progressives:

Cartoon Bad
Killing baby good
PP said…
Ben -

No, I'm not against potlucks. But in this instance, and how planned parenthood is portraying it, it's like having a marquerita party at the cemetery. It's just comes off as a little crass.

Just like "havin' a rockin' good time" in relation to probably the great moral question of our time.

Hence the cartoon. It's meant to be offensive, because that's how the whole thing comes off to me. And I'm in the "exceptions camp."
Anonymous said…
Anon 12:09 p.m. - How strange. I was going to refer to some of you pro-lifers as cavemen, but I didn't because I believe name calling is sophomoric.
Would it be okay if people who are opposed to war used photos of dead soldiers and civilians in their promotional material? I see no difference between doing that and using photos and cartoons of dead babies to make a point.
Chris said…
I find it quite amusing that you can attack planned parenthood for trying to raise money for personal choice in South Dakota but you won't touch some absurd things conservatives do to energize their base (i.e. "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day," and "Fun with Guns,"). CCK blogged about this on Tuesday. Hmmm which is more inflamatory?
Anonymous said…
Good golly, you pull things all the time from posts because you deem them inappropriate, well this is silly. Planned Parenthood in your mind and Bruce Whalen's mind should be shut down? Potlucks out of the line! Crazy by association, Pat?

Where is Bruce Walen's oldest son? Why isn't he in any campaign materials?
Brad S said…
Anon 12:33. Sorry, these are not the days when we evangelicals silently listened to unwise counsel from National Review-types who told us to stand down while we were accused of starving children and raping the environment.

This is called Throwing Your Mud Balls Back at You. Doesn't taste too good, does it?
Anonymous said…
Brad S - You keep making reference to throwing mud back at "You." First of all, who is "You"? I'm not aware of anyone throwing anything, and I know I certainly did not.
I consider myself to be politically moderate, not the flaming liberal that you would prefer to believe.
If thinking that rape and incest victims have the right to an abortion puts me in what you consider a class of mud throwers, then I have a lot of company, Pat Powers included.
As far as how it tastes - it's tasteless, just like too many of the tactics pro-lifers employ to get their point across. I guess that's what you do when you don't have a strong enough argument.
If I have to be pigeonholed into one of your generalizations, I prefer to be with people who can think for themselves and realize that some things are neither black nor white. If that is all it takes to be placed in your "You" category, so be it.
Anonymous said…
Somebody keeps bringing up Bruce Whalens' alleged third kid on a bunch of topics. So how about if somebody clears it up? Now I'M curious and I wasn't voting for him anyway.
Brad S said…
2:59. I was just responding to your "cavemen" comment. You want to call me names; I get to call you names. Got it?

Really, you're just proving to me that it's NOT about who should have abortion or the mechanics/ethics of the practice anymore. It's all about making sure those Stupid-Hayseed-Hick-Jesusfreak-ProLife-Christers get ostracized and slapped down hard.

Quit trying to show your faux outrage at folks like me who want to make sure my side prevails.
Silas said…
This is the kind of post and thread that raises the intellect, lifts the heart, and makes one really proud to be American. Such benevolence, honesty, and grace is there for all the world to see and admire.
Anonymous said…
Some people are so stupid.
They think is a about a is not it is about life.
I would be willing to bet if the fetus could talk he would choose Life not Death......If it is really about choice let the fetus decide

Some of you people are so pro-choice....that they wish that they had been aborted!

This will fire a few up :)
Anonymous said…
brad s - I stand corrected on the cavemen thing. I thought it was you who first said it, but in looking back, I now realize it was someone else (anonymous 12:09 p.m). Mea culpa.

But earlier (8:37 a.m.) you said, "Welcome to a taste of your own medicine." So what or whom were you referring to there?

As far as the rest of what you later said, you used the adjectives, not me. I don't have faux outrage, just a real bad taste in my mouth for people who will do anything to get attention.
You said it all yourself. There's nothing I can add.

I don't know where all of your rage is coming from, but I guess it's better that you air it here instead of literally taking shots at someone.
PP said…
I think we're going to break my record for the most number of comments in a thread.
Anonymous said…
pp, I'm curious. What is the current record for the most comments in a thread on your site?
Anonymous said…
"I think we're going to break my record for the most number of comments in a thread."

PP is trying to spin his way out of an embarrassing and idiotic post by claiming that it was intended to inspire debate. Sure it was.
Anonymous said…
From SD Politics:

"The pro-choice crowd has sometimes spoken of abortion as a "tragedy" and it should be "safe, legal, and rare." The giddy delight over legalized abortion suggested in this Planned Parenthood stunt belies the public long face the the pro-choicers often have about abortion."

I can just see it, while eating meatballs and finger food Looby leans over to Bell and says, "What do you call an abortion in Czechslovakia?

Bell responds with a hearty laugh, "a cancelled Czech!"
Anonymous said…
Are all of you Atheists? Pheasant brought up a good point!

What happened to THOU SHALL NOT KILL?
Anonymous said…
The cartoon has caused the killers to think...they all should be wearing black and having a prayer meeting. God help them. BTY, That has to be one of the best cartoons ever put on SDWC. Keep it up PP, I am on your side with this one.
PP said…
Anon 6:29 - the giebink post at
is at 59.

And anon 7:59, yes, it's meant to point out the absurdity and to bring out debate. It's not like anyone bit on the absurdity of the "kegger for pediatric AIDS" comment.
Anonymous said…
Not funny... rather sick - ignorant commentary.
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:08 - Does that mean that, like pp, you believe there should be exceptions for rape and incest?

Anon 9:55 - Most arguments over the pros and cons of abortions are based on when people believe ensoulment takes place. Some people say that happens at conception. Others say it happens later on as the baby develops.
People who believe the latter, including many Christians, do not believe that abortion is murder until at least later in the pregnancy.
That difference of opinion is why there is so much controversy. The fact that people who believe one thing call the other group vile names does not help the situation.
I am not a murderer. I am not a baby killer. I have never had an abortion or performed one on someone else - not that doing that would justify those disgusting labels.
What did I do to justify being the recipient of such name calling? I dare to believe that there are situations where women's well-being must be the top consideration when problem pregnancies occur.
I know that many of you do not share my beliefs, but I won't adjust my heartfelt beliefs just to accommodate other people. I will not be intimidated by people who believe they have the right to judge me and others who do not believe like they do.
I believe that I will stand before God one day and be judged. It will be up to Him - and only Him - to decide if my compassion was misplaced.
Anonymous said…
Hey pp - Was it yesterday or the day before that you said you had more top space available for advertisements? Are you trying to build up your number of hits to attract advertisers? If so, that could backfire if prospects find your cartoon tasteless and offensive.
It brought out the debate alright, but it did so at a cost to your integrity.
Anonymous said…
I see most of the pro-aborts are now calling it a baby. And they are appalled at it being on the end of a fork, indicating cannaballism. PP, maybe if you would have had it skewered by a knife they wouldn't have said anything. LOL.
Anonymous said…
anon 11:30 - Even better, why not put it on a spit and barbecue it? That will show everyone that pro-life people have a sense of humor. It would do wonders for your cause. LOL.
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:58, what is "ensoulment"? Does everybody experience "ensoulment"?
Anonymous said…
I bet most of the anti-choice, government dictatorship people commenting on this post consider themselves good Christians. But they are some of the meanest, nastiest people around.

What's it going to be? Good Christian? Or mean and nasty? You can't be both!!
K said…
You've never had a potluck to raise money for a campaign, PP? How much money would a campaign or political cause make if their whole fundraising scheme was to encourage people to solumnly write checks and mail them in with a heavy heart ("Don't feel too good about it folks; this is a serious issue!")? Or can they have a party as long it's got a memorial service atmosphere instead of a rockin' one? Ooo, that sounds like fun; sign me up!

Seriously, how is this different from any other fundraising event? It this was Brock Greenfield's BBQ for Life you'd think it was brilliant.
Anonymous said…
"The pro-choice crowd has sometimes spoken of abortion as a "tragedy" and it should be "safe, legal, and rare." The giddy delight over legalized abortion suggested in this Planned Parenthood stunt belies the public long face the the pro-choicers often have about abortion."

Not to mention this....

"For a $15 credit card charge, any woman or teenaged girl can order a T-shirt online from Planned Parenthood emblazoned with the words, "I Had An Abortion.""

That was from a couple years ago. It didn't go over so well. Now they've got a t-shirt that says "Kiss Me....I'm Pro-Choice" Apparently the "tragedy" of abortion can land a person a little action.
Anonymous said…
Kelsey, the word is "solemnly"
Anonymous said…
Check it out, PP! This comment breaks the record. Yippee! Oh, and in keeping with the spirit of the post, I believe this is a Planned Parenthood Potluck: Please Provide Plasticware, Paper Plates, Plus Pop. Post Party let's go Pull a child aPart!
Anonymous said…
*substitute "Preborn" for "child"
Anonymous said…
Anon 11:50 - Ensoulment is the entry of the soul into the body, which occurs before birth. The debate centers around when this happens. Some people believe it happens at conception. Others believe it happens further along in the development process.
Yes, it happens to everyone - even if some people don't act like it.
Anonymous said…
anon 12:08 - It is ill illiteration indeed.
Anonymous said…
Anon 12:03 - to imply that all pro-choice people - or even all Planned Parenthood personnel - approved of those tacky tee-shirts is the equivalent of someone implying that all pro-life people think it's okay to bomb abortion clinics.
Anonymous said…
Can I get that cartoon on a t-shirt? PP, If you don't sell them, I know a guy.
Anonymous said…
nuts, nuts, nuts

Read the majority Roe opinion. Pick on the legally loose basis for the decision but interesting the court states that when the great majority of the country can't decide this issue the court (the evangelicals too I would argue) should be loathe to impose itself in such a matter, much as the Right Right attempts to do by substituting as statute or by constitutional amendment its religious belief on the rest of us. And don't give me that medical agrument, we can all find an MD or distraught patient of anytype to saw what ever we want on any subject, not just abortion...midwifery?
Brad S said…
Anon 5:44PM, Yesterday:

I was referring to folks who have the bad habit of calling folks like me "Racists, Hayseed Hicks, and Homophobes." I am referring to those who insist I am out to starve children and force women to be "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen."

And apparently, I am referring to those who think I have nothing but rage. Are you suggesting that folks like me, who are not willing to put up with your rigged debate "rules" and your emotional, manipulative tripe anymore, have some sort of Anger Management issue? Are you also suggesting there's something wrong with me if I am somewhat more forceful in presenting my take on issues.

If so, you have shown the entire world what you think of some of your neighbors.
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:46 - Yes, to both of your questions. Your words make my case better than anything I could ever say.
nonnie said…
At SD Politics they mentioned t-shirts being handed out by Planned Parenthood that said "Vote As If Your Life Depended On It."

Can you believe this?? Actually, the antithesis of what they stand for to be wearing such a shirt. The people selling and wearing these had parents who valued their unborn children's lives. Too bad these people don't feel the same toward today's unborn children.
Anonymous said…
Nonnie, those aren't Planned Parenthood shirts. Your source is confused.
Anonymous said…
Judge not, lest the be judged. The religious right is neither.

Anonymous said…
Anon 11:22, from where are you quoting? I think you have it a little bit mixed up, and I think it's possible that you might be taking it out of context.
Anonymous said…
I would like to see the demographic breakdown of abortions in this country.
After all Planned Parenthood was started to keep the population of certain ethnic groups in check. This is well profiled by the founder.
Planned Parenthood is a very well disguised Organization of bigotry and racism albeit not necessarily South Dakota. One could argue that there are limitations on what the local PP people are capable of really understanding.
I would encourage anyone interested in PP to google Margaret Sanger and learn what it is really all about. To say that there is no relationship between her original thoughts on how to keep the population of undesirables down and those of todays PP members is like saying that there is no relationship between our Founding Fathers and todays politicians. There is a common thread.
Anonymous said…
Sangar refered to Blacks as "human weeds" well, at least she thought they were Human. "Human beings who should never have been born" was another quote of hers.
This was in the 20th Century, not 300 years ago. How could anyone with an ounce of common decency belong or advocate an Organization like this?
Anonymous said…
I would like someone who goes to this "party" to count the number of minorities in attendence.
My guess is that the number will be pretty small.
This is a white thing. Sangars efforts are alive and well in S.D.
Anonymous said…
2:30 p.m. - Have you read that there are specifically going to be one of these parties IN South Dakota, or is that just an assumption?
Anonymous said…
I Googled Margaret Sanger using her name and the word racism. What I found were subjective writings from people who oppose birth control and all abortions. Intelligent, black leaders backed her efforts to space the children born to black mothers in order to help cut the high maternal death rates (50 percent higher than white people) that blacks experience.
People who are making these claims have simply found one more way to strike out at Planned Parenthood.
Douglas said…
Oh my goodness.

The "Foley" family values have reached the SD GOP blogosphere already.

Next I suppose we will have a cartoon with a log cabin afire burning up those Republicans.

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