Oh, THIS ONE is going to be good. Stegmeier going to address a women's group. Gasoline, meet match.

A new item today on AmendmentE.com:
Plan to Attend: September 29, 2006 1:00p.m. Sioux Falls Holiday Inn.

We encourage South Dakotans to attend the Womens Summit, where Bill Stegmeier will speak in favor of Amendment E, and how it evolved; such as the practice of public officials operating in secret. South Dakota Judges keep their misdeeds secret.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to hear opponents explain their race to the bottom of the barrel.
Bill Stegmeier is going to address a women's conference? Heh.

Ha ha.

HA HA HEE HEE HEE! DANG! NOW THAT'S FUNNY! Why do I find that pronouncement wrought with hilarity? And not just a little funny, but knee slapping funny?

Well, it was just a few months ago where I was posting items from Bill's website, now long hidden from the world, where Bill was explaining to the world how women who go by "Ms." are probably lesbians who need a good spanking:
..Further more, she is obviously in her late 40's and maybe early 50's and goes by "Ms." Just what in the hell is that all about? (Now you lesbians out there, please don't turn me in for hate crimes. I'm just like you. There is no way in hell that I'm going to sleep with a man either).


No, I think instead of education she just needs a good spanking. But then, being the "Ms." that she is, and I shudder to contemplate what "that" entails (no pun intended) she would probably enjoy it.
Oh my god. He actually said that women who go by Ms. " instead of education, need a good spanking," and since she goes by Ms., "she would probably enjoy it."

He actually said that. And now, he's going to address a women's conference. What do we know about this conference? From the Chiesman Foundation website:
Topics for 2006 include: Civic Participation & Leadership, Health Issues, and Business Development & Technology.

Keynote Speaker is Carol Rae. Carol Rae is an innovative, energetic leader with a broad based expertise in business development and strategic marketing.

For further information call our Sioux Falls office at 605-275-4878.
"Leadership and Business Development?!?" What's a spokesman for Amendment E doing there? Isn't Amendment E the antithesis of leadership and business development?

Anyway, Bill better be practicing to give one heck of a speech. Because given his statements on the topic of women, I have the feeling his audience might not be as receptive as he might hope for.

At least those that go by Ms.


Anonymous said…
Great Title. da
Anonymous said…
Yes, and in many corners, republican corners, Leslee Unruh is the match meeting gasoline. That's the joy of this year.

Pat, you keep drinking the unity kool-aid. I'm as GOP as anyone and I'm interested to see how some of the tight races turn out. The base is going to be there but the middle of my party isn't going to vote for Elli and Isaac. They just won't. The same women and moderate men will vote for Herseth (along w/everyone else who made it through 8th grade).

Despite your misguided and sophmoric calls for unity, its sad as we marginalize this party further and further so, yes, it's fun to laugh at Stegmeier but all I see is my party doing the same thing...endorsing silly things with silly people leading the charge.
PP said…
guys, knock off the negative adjectives. You don't stand behind them, so that leaves me holding the bag.

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