Willis for Governor. He doesn't stand a chance, but it's a nice looking website

The Willis for Governor website is up and running at http://www.willisforgovernor.org. And you can see his stands on many issues as well. For example:

Income tax denies the people their right to enjoy the "fruit of their labor". Inspite of all the promises to reduce taxes, we are still being taxed heavily. It is estimated that the average person works to pay a years worth of taxes from Jan till mid-April. This is over one-third of a person's income! How long would our Forefathers endured such oppression?
As governor, I would work to bring down government costs and thereby eliminate the need for over-taxing the people.
(psst. Steve. South Dakota doesn't have one).

As you can tell from that, aside from it not being an unattractive website, some of the issue stuff leaves you scratching your head, such as questioning whether America is "fulfilling the comunist manifesto."

Nice looking site. goofy content. Check it out here.


been there said…
Looks like great content to me. Have you ever read the communist manifesto? Also, he doesn't say we have a state income tax, he says taxes are too high. He would make an aewsome, honest Governor. Don't count hi out!
been there said…
Woops! Don't count him out!
Anonymous said…
I wish more South Dakotans would look towards the libertarians for major political offices. We need people in government making tough decisions the first time instead of waffle waffle waffle. sound familiar?
Anonymous said…
webster said…
Hey Steve and anybody else in The Constitution Party, "Under God the People Rule" is the motto found on the Great Seal of South Dakota and not in the Preamble to South Dakota's Constitution as your web site states.
Also the State of South Dakota confers personhood at birth as found in the South Dakota Bill of Rights, "All men are born equally free and independent..." You'd think that a candidate for governor from a political party that calls itself The Constitution Party would actually read the State Constitution. You'd think.

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