Legislative Interns: Apply now

ALso in the Rapid City Journal, the South Dakota State Legislature has put out it's call for Legislative Interns. I have a young person who worked with me this summer whom I'm recommending, and I can't encourage college students enough to do this if they have any interest whatsoever in government and politics:
The Legislature is looking for 22 college students to serve as interns in the 2007 lawmaking session. Interns work as assistants to legislators and will make $120 a day for the 40-day session. They also receive college credit for their time as legislative employees.

To qualify, applicants must attend an accredited college or university.
Read it here. But better yet, go here for the application information and materials. Do not delay on this. I can guarantee you that at the least, it will be an experience you'll never forget.

At the most, it might be life changing.

When I was drifting through college, I did the internship on a lark, and it changed my whole direction. Along in my group, I met our current State Auditor, Rich Sattgast. Several others in our internship class continued on in politics.

And that was a slow year. I can point to others, including our current Governor who served as Interns in the State Legislature.

If you'd ever think you might someday have an interest in politics (as in electoral politics), you owe this to yourself.


Anonymous said…
That is funny. Unfortunately it is more true then not.
Anonymous said…
Pulled already? Damn. I'm calling Randy Frederick and Lee Schoenbeck and getting them on that. They'll get to the bottom of that rumor!
Anonymous said…
Glad you pulled it pp....Pretty typical democrat mentality.. Can't win on issues, so have to attack the person.
Anonymous said…
You think that was a democrat? I've heard republicans say alot worse about Larry.
nonnie said…
What are these comments about????

Back to topic, my daughter was a legislative intern as a college senior and would highly recommend it. Made many new friends (one who later was a grad school roommate, and then the two of them spend a summer bacckpacking thru Europe, neither of which would have occurred without the intern experience). Also learned much about the politics and people in state gov't. Educational and fun! Check it out - it really is a wonderful experience!
jeffymom said…
I had the honor of being a Senate minority intern for the '94 session. It's where I met PP. Besides that, it was a wonderful experience :) !!

Don't think that you have to be a Poli Sci major to apply. I was a Business Admin/Econ major from USD.

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