HOT off the press... Stan Adelstein raising money for Katus

I just had a note this evening from a Republican out in Rapid City that soon-to-be-former State Senator Stan Adelstein is cranking up his campaign on the behalf of Tom Katus.

I'm told that Stan sent out a fundraiser letter for Katus using the official state seal, and it hit many RC mailboxes yesterday. Suposedly, while the disclaimer at the bottom of the letter says it was paid for by Tom Katus' campaign committee, the phone number to call for the fundraiser is for Northwest Engineering's front office.

If someone has a copy of the letter they can scan and e-mail to me, please do so at I'd love to see it. I'm happy to redact the recipient's name upon request before I post it.

One thing that should be noted, if it's using the state seal, *I think* that approval for any such use must be obtained through the Secretary of State's office. (and don't think I won't check.)


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

This isn't new. Adelstein said months ago that he was going to support Katus. He said that "he would raise money and knock on doors for Katus".

So while I think that it's worth posting, I don't think you should make it sound like breaking news.
a_big_liberal said…
Are you really that surprised that Adelstein is raising money for Katus?

Adelstein is driven by his need to see someone defeat Elli (although it's not entirely a personal vendetta), and if that means raising money for a Democrat, then he's going to do just that.

That being said, his use of the official state seal might have been crossing a line, but the letter in and of itself is not exactly "hot off the press."
Anonymous said…
Show me a candidate website (dem or rep) that dosen't use the state seal.
feasant said…
What a sore loser!
Anonymous said…
He is finally being honest about who he is, and is putting his money where his mouth is.

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