Am I a rumor monger.... well, maybe... kind of, sort of....

I had an e-mail from one young reader this weekend who seems to think I might have a tendency to be a rumor monger.. or monger-er or something like that:
Most of the things you hear from the Capitol are worst then what goes around in any high school. Are you still in that age group to believe in rumors? If you would walk around the State Capitol during session, you will hear so many rumors. I have always felt like I was back in school. I'm not sure who you are or why you feel the need to say such things about nice people, that you don't know.
This e-mail might have held true many months back. But I don't know if I'd entirely agree anymore. If you've watched as this website has evolved, you've probably noticed that a lot less of what I might term as rumor appears in print. And there's a reason for that.

The thing with many rumors, especially those that pop up during the legislative session (which was about 6 months ago), is that you have to try to sift through those that are wild and unfounded and those that might have a shred of truth to them.

In the past, those that might have a shred of truth I might have considered posting with a caveat that they are simply rumor (and to be taken as such). But anymore, I've found myself trying to do a little more digging and finding out the facts on which the rumor is based and if I can research it quickly enough, I instead do a post on what really happened.

Why? In all actuality, it makes for a better post.

Granted, I'm not a newspaper, and I can be (and often am) more freewheeling. But you still want to have a product with credibility, otherwise no one would read it. And the best basis for gaining credibility is truth.

Sure, I might write things while pointing out the facts that support my position, as well as other Republican and Democratic blogs might do. If you care for the term, we might be known to "spin things" in a direction favorable to ourselves. But to be credible, we still have to use relative facts in support of our positions.

So, getting back to pure rumor - Am I known to print them? On occasion, but not so much anymore.

(Unless someone has a really juicy one. Then they can e-mail me here. )


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