His trip to Iowa probably seems fun after this

Rapid City Mayor Jim Shaw is being called on the carpet by a couple of the Rapid City Alderman for several items including an out of control travel budget, and allegedly filling up his personal vehicle at the city gas pumps. From the Rapid City Weekly News:
Aldermen allege fiscal missteps in city government
By Lana Bradstream
September 13, 2006

Rapid City aldermen Sam Kooiker and Mike Schumacher are butting heads with Mayor Jim Shaw and other members of the city council over the budget. Schumacher and Kooiker said information regarding the salaries and City Council travel is being withheld from them and the public. Shaw said that is not true.

“This is an extremely open government,” Shaw said. “If someone wants to know something, all they have to do is ask.”

Schumacher and Kooiker, self-appointed watchdogs for the taxpayers, said they are concerned. According to the aldermen, they asked for the information at the July 5 council meeting and were denied it, after the council approved an extra $28,000 for travel expenses, more than doubling the budgeted amount. The original travel budget was $20,000 and Schumacher said he wonders how the council could have undershot that amount so drastically.

Shaw said the extra $28,000 was appropriated for unestimated costs, such as council members attending conferences.

Johnson said the information has been readily available.

“An itemized list was available. So, it is not true that information was not available,” Johnson said. “Where people went and what money was spent was listed, but every bit of information brought new questions and it went beyond the information regarding travel.”

Schumacher said he was initially concerned over the use of taxpayer funds.

“We asked for the information weeks ago for the supplemental travel ordinance,” said Schumacher. “We asked for an audit of the travel expenditures made. It was denied and we were told to ask for the information later. We asked for a continuation. Our concern is that there is work behind the scenes by the mayor and council leadership.”


“This is public information,” said Kooiker. “We have a right to this information as citizens and as City Council members. We’re spending more on travel. We demand to get this information. If there is nothing to hide, then why are we experiencing smoke and mirrors?”

According to Schumacher, Shaw is filling up his city-issued Dodge Durango at the city fuel pumps, and it is impossible to track whether the fuel is being used for professional or personal reasons. He said witnesses saw the mayor in the Durango in Wyoming on a Saturday morning in March. “If he’s in Wyoming, he’s not on call. The vehicle is supposed to be used for city business,” he said.

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Anonymous said…
Shaw is obviously coming unhinged. At a recent BID Board meeting he snapped for no apparent reason and berated a board member for asking a question. Attendees were appalled at his outburst and lack of control. One attendee mentioned that this behavior is occuring with much more frequency. Makes one think that there is more to the Iowa incident than meets the eye. Shaw could probably star in Anger Mangement 3.
Anonymous said…
The only scarier thing about Kooiker and Schumacher being on the city council is the fact they'll probably actually try to run for the Legislature next.
Anonymous said…
they would be good in the legislature too
Anonymous said…
So when is the big court date for Mayor Shaw. I read that he was going to fight it.

I bet that he will drive a city car to Iowa to his hearing.

Did anyone ask if he was driving a city car when he was at the Iowa State Fair when he threatened an old women?
Anonymous said…
Why is Tom Johnson defending Shaw. Isn't Johnson running for Mayor?
Anonymous said…
did shaw take a city vehicle to iowa?
Anonymous said…
Anon 2

It would be great to see Schumacher and Kooiker in the legislature...it would be scary---for the good ol' boys in Pierre

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