Bruce Whalen Ad /Herseth Planned Parenthood Teleconference call

Here's some of the recording referred to in the previous posting. Stephanie Herseth speaking regretfully about being from a state with so many Republicans.

Listen to it here. (mp3 file)


Anonymous said…
sdmoderate said…

Whalen cherry picking a few comments for a campaign ad that states the obvious about her pro-choice views and how she is from a state in which those that share her beliefs are in the minority, what a bombshell.

What's he gonna say when that same Democrat, even though she will still be in the minority beats him in the election?
Anonymous said…
Whalen has shown that he can talk about two things:
1) he can slam Stephanie Herseth
2) he can say he is pro-life.

Okay, let's hear what else you can talk about, Bruce. Or is there anything else?

Add him to the list: another loser for the radical right.
chad said…
I thought this was going to be something like Stephanie was "ashamed" of South Dakota.

I didn't hear that.

I heard her say she hates admitting that South Dakota traditionally votes for Republicans, thus the "red state" status.

Why is this a surprise for a Democrat to say this?

There are a lot of Democrats, Independents, and even some Republicans who hope for a little moderation here.


That's the entire GOP strategy.

Build a strawman and tell your base how scary he is.

It's really pretty pathetic.
Anonymous said…
Free ad space for Whalen
Stephanie out of context
Are you going to put up Stephanie's first ad as well. I know you are Republican and I can dig that, but this is simply an extended ad for someone who has lied about Stephanie before, so I really have a hard time trusting Whalen and his ilk when they are portraying Stephanie.
Anonymous said…
Feeble, out of context, hatchet attempt from the Road to Nowhere campaign. The republicans I've talked to view the whole Whalen experiment as an embarrassment.
Anonymous said…
Whalen... another Uniter...

Only thing good about Whalen is he will show how many nutz there are in this state. Ya know they did not make it all the way to California. I would be surprised if he pulls 30%.

A good Conservative Republican would not dare compare Whalen to Reagan. What is this a joke. And Rounds? Are you high? Janklow was 10 times the leader Rounds is. And Thune, king of Numb Nutz. Mark my words, THUNE IS A ONE TIMER.
Anonymous said…
Look out...the dogs from the Stephi pound are out in full force on the War College tonight.

Stephi either denigrated South Dakota or she didn''s that simple.

Prove that she didn't badmouth South can' stop trying to cover for her.

After all an intellectual heavyweight like Stephi should be able to defend her comments and own up to them, not run away like Two Town Tommy.
Anonymous said…
The only thing Stephi did was tell the truth. Imagine that, a politician who actually says what she thinks! None of this "I don't like it but I will vote for it anyway" stuff.
Anonymous said…
From the wikipedia (and this does not appear to be another Whalen Wikipedia lie...) -- "Red States and Blue States refer to those U.S. states whose residents predominantly vote for the Republican Party or Democratic Party presidential candidates respectively. The term became ubiquitous following the 2000 presidential election."

Herseth says that South Dakota is a red state. It's true. South Dakota voted for Bush in 2004 and in 2000. She says she hates to admit it because it means that it's a tough state for progressive ideas. That's true too.

She doesn't say she's ashamed of South Dakota, she states some obvious truths. What is Whalen trying to prove?
Anonymous said…
I don't get it?

Herseth has never claimed to be anything but pro-choice. So Whalen has a "secret audio tape" of her admitting what she has publicly said a million times? And she voted like she said she would. That's an issue?

Whalen refused to apologize after he spread lies about Herseth, and now criticizes her for being honest about her position on choice? It doesn't make any sense.

Every person who voted for her in 2004 knew she was pro-choice. As will every one of the vast majority of people who will reelect her in 2006.

Anonymous said…
Ms. Magazine is publishing a list of women who have had an abortion. Where is the S.D. list?
Anonymous said…
They can print the list of all the women in South Dakota who have had abortions as soon as they print the list of all the men - including the politicians - who have committed adultery. Then we can compare the lists to see which is longer.
Anonymous said…
Bruce Whalen has to be the only candidate in America trying to align himself with George W. Bush. Survey USA had Bush's job approval at 45% positive and 52% negative in South Dakota last month (and the national polls showed another drop this week)

How does aligning yourself with someone viewed negatively by (at least) 52% translate into a Whalen victory? Even if everyone who supports Bush votes for Whalen, he still loses 55% - 45%.

Also, does he really think anyone in South Dakota doesn't know that Stephanie Herseth is pro-choice? What does he possibly hope to gain from this ad?

Just when you thought Whalen couldn't do anything dumber...
Anonymous said…
12:20am - Here's a start to your list --

1) Leslee Unruh (she has publicly talked about it)
2) Rob Regier's College Girlfriend (he actually admitted to paying for it)

And I'd bet there are quite a few others out there among the crowd that likes to throw around the term "baby killer" (which obviously doesn't apply to them)...
Anonymous said…
Herseth has fangs and bites, when the truth about her is exposed.
Anonymous said…
It is interesting to note that Herseth does not have any of the Pro-Abortion Groups listed on her website as endorsements. She does have 10 other groups on there.

If she is so "proud to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood and Emily's List in 2002 and 2004 and again in this election cycle" then why doesn't she list them on her webpage?

It is because she wants their money and will vote for their issues, but knows that South Dakota is a Pro-Life State and she can't win once the citizens find out she is for abortion on demand!
Anonymous said…
In 2004 Stephanie had her GRANDMOTHER publically lamenting that she took money from Emilys list and saying that she wasn't for abortion.

Some Democrats have a very short memory.

Stephanie is NOT proudly pro-abortion unless she is talking to the campaign to defeat 6 or voting for children to be coersed and transported across state lines for secret and sometimes deadly abortions.
Anonymous said…
Let's hope Bruce wins. Also is it true John Thune has gotton a female in Sioux Falls pregnant, just wondering

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