Once again - THANK YOU to the SDWC Readers

Love me or loathe me, I owe you all another big thank you as I seem to do every month. For the second month in a row, the SDWC's readership has jumped by 1000 visitors to over 18,000 visitors for the month of September.

What does that mean in terms of page views? During this past month, I've had over 40,000 page views of this website during the same period.

(For doubting thomases, the graphs on this page are coming from sitemeter, not me.)

So again, thank you.

In the coming months, as I'm trying to figure out to do with my life, this website will very likely continue to be a part of things.

So, love me or loathe me, there are no plans for me to go anywhere.


Nicholas Nemec said…
If you could figure out a way to charge a penny per page view you would have some cash to buy shoes for all the little pps. Don't forget to stop and get popcicles too.
Haggs said…
Your welcome, PP.

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