SDPB candidate videos: Districts 1-12

South Dakota Public Broadcasting has been doing a series of 2 minute candidate videos this year to help candidates bring their issues forward.

The more cynical among us might call them "don't cut our funding during the summer study" videos.

Click on any of the following links to view the candidate videos for those who traveled to Vermillion to get them done. And thank god that TV is not a dominant form of candidate communication in South Dakota.

Some candidates are relaxed and their spots are well done. Some are a bit... stiff.

There's one I watched today where I'd term the candidate "master thespian" with his ridiculous gestures and clear case of "acting" for the camera.

Regardless, check out these 2 minute videos in "Real Media Format," courtesy of South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

District 1
Clayton Halverson (D) House Veblen
David Sigdestad (D) House Pierpont

District 2
H. Paul Dennert (D) House Columbia
Burt Elliot (D) House Aberdeen
Brian G. Johnson (R) Senate Frankfort

District 3
Thomas E. Black (D) House Aberdeen
Ted Kneebone (D) House Aberdeen
Al Novstrup (R)House Aberdeen
David Novstrup (R) Aberdeen
Alan C. Hoerth (D) Senate Aberdeen
Isaac Laterell (R) Senate Aberdeen

District 4
Steve Street (D) House Revillo
Mary E. Nosbush (R) House Gary
Jim Peterson (D) Senate Revillo
Larry Diedrich (R) Senate Elkton

District 5
Dale Howlett (D) House Watertown
Rich Mittelstedt (D) House Watertown
Nancy Turbak (D) Senate Watertown
Dennis Arnold (R) Senate Watertown

District 6
Paul Nelson (R) House Hetland
Kristi Noem (R) House Castlewood
Ron Foster (D) Senate Estelline

District 7
Robert Klein (D) House Brookings
Carol A. Pitts (R) House Brookings
Larry J. Tidemann (R) House Brookings
Harold Widvey (D) Senate Brookings
Orville Smidt (R) Senate Brookings

District 8
David B. Gassman (D) House canova
Russell Olson (R) House Madison
Dan Sutton (D) Senate Flandreau
Richard E. Engels (D) House Hartford

District 9
Elaine A. Roberts (D) House Sioux Falls
Katy Dressen (R) House Sioux Falls
Deb Peters (R) House Hartford
Paul Nielson (D) Senate Sioux Falls
Tom Dempster (R) Senate Sioux Falls

District 10
Mary Ann Giebink (D) House Sioux Falls
Rich Kielman (D) House Brandon
Roger Hunt (R) House Brandon
Shantel Krebs (R) House Sioux Falls
Philip G. Sietstra (D) Senate Sioux Falls
Gene G. Abdallah (R) Senate Sioux Falls

District 11
Marie Y Williams (D) House Sioux Falls
Keri K. Weems (R) House Sioux Falls
Mark K. Willadsen (R) House Sioux Falls
Rebekah A. Cradduck (D) Senate Sioux Falls
Jason M. Gant (R) Senate Sioux Falls

District 12
Gregory Kniffen (D) House Sioux Falls
John I. Anderson (L) House Sioux Falls
Manny Steele (R) House Sioux Falls
Hal Wick (R) House Sioux Falls
Sandy Jerstad (D) Senate Sioux Falls
William F. Earley (R) Senate Sioux Falls


rich engels said…
By the way, PP, I also did a 2-minute video (district 9), but you did not put a link to it.
rich engels said…
I see I'm just in the wrong district.
PP said…
Rich - My apologies. I just did a "cut and paste" from what they have.
Anonymous said…
Where is Jim Hundstad's, PP!?

It appears that you are editing which candidates you want to share with us.

pdq said…
Head-in-his-own-anonymous: if you didn't bother to do your own research:

They didn't have one for him. Even though PP's a shill, he didn't leave anyone out.
Anonymous said…
Sorry PP...

I guess the question is: why didn't Hundstad do it?
Anonymous said…
Where's Waldo's??? Fahen and Koistenen 2 minute clip from Dis. 5?
Anonymous said…
Somebody must've told Hundstad he'd be wise "keep his mouth shut and be thought a fool, rather than open his mouth and remove all doubt.
Anonymous said…
PP, thank you for pointing us to this. For all those taking shots at Isaac Latterell, watch his clip. He demonstrates great vision & wisdom in his comments. He is a superior candidate.

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