More ads in need of a band-aid

Lest it be said that I just pick on members of the opposite party, here's a couple more ads that I ran across that show that Democrats don't hold a monopoly on campaign advertising that needs help.

The first one is from Republican Representative Ted Klaudt who is running for State Senate:

"District 28 needs a senator with 8 years of experience. That is why District 28 needs Ted Klaudt. Why waste his experience? " It doesn't work for me in a sentence format. It's definitely a "clunky phrase." Why would it now work if you wrote it with two different fonts?

I think you could make this concept of experience work, but this ad isn't it. (Ted, drop me a note, and I'll help you put something together besides this.) A Picture or a campaign graphic would help make it stand out from every other ad in these small town newspapers he's advertising in.

And there's also the ad for Jean Hunhoff, another state rep making the switch to the State Senate:

You know if it wasn't for the terrible and muddy photography, I'd love this ad. WHO CARES that she knows how to check blood pressure. She's running for State Senate, not School Nurse. I can't see her face. An action shot is ok, but it's at the wrong angle, and the background makes the photo a mess.

Seriously. If she dumped the picture entirely, it would be a good ad. If she wanted to keep it, I'd take a new picture or at the very least completely "photoshop" out the background and shrink the image a little. That darn background is dark and distracts from what would be an acceptable ad.

Which brings up a point which "fletch" has pointed out to me before - watch your backgrounds when taking campaign photography. Keep it in contrast with what you are wearing. And what works in color might stink in black and white.

Otherwise, for Hunhoff's ad - I love the typography - it's very distinct, and probably what I think makes it stand out. But go for a new picture and try again.


Mary Jean Jensen said…
Well, it might not be perfect but it does get the point across...we have 8 years of experience with Ted Klaudt - he knows the ins and outs of State Government Finances and should be elected to the South Dakota Senate.
There have been many times that the vote Rep. Klaudt cast did not please the Executive Branch but he is always watching out for the citizens.
We do not need a 'new face' in District 28.
I hope he has time to hear your advice about the ad. There are many miles to be covered in this huge district and Ted is out campaigning every day. Thanks
smart alec said…
I thought Jean was the one on the left!
Anonymous said…
The last thing ted's ad needs is a photo of ted.
Anonymous said…
Regardless of his experience, I have trouble voting for a guy who "LIVES IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!"
pdq said…
I thought it was Randy Frederick who lived in the van down by the river?
Anonymous said…
"Regardless of his experience, I have trouble voting for a guy who "LIVES IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!"


Ted is a farmer/rancher from Corson County who puts in long hours working the land when he's not busy working for those of us in his district. Where did that off-the-wall comment come from? Your comment doesn't even fit Klaudt's opponent!
Anonymous said…
"Lives in a van down by the river" This is from a Saturday Night Live skit performed by the late Chris Farlee.
Irwin Fletcher said…
The muddy blahness of the photo will ensure that this ad will be missed visually by most readers.

A close-up shot of the faces would have garnered more attention as people tend to look at faces.

In this particular ad, I would have made it a "billboard" type ad and lost the photo entirely. It simply has too many elements for me.

I feel that Ted's ad is too busy and has too many cutesy fonts. Keep it simple and straightforward. As far as message, he's not saying anything other than "I have 8 years experience".

Why didn't he just say.. "I have 8 years experience". If you ask a question, you'd better have an answer rather than let the reader come up with one, you might not like it.

Mary Jean Jensen should write ad copy for Ted.... her reasons are far more compelling than the one Ted paid for in his ad.
Anonymous said…
8 years of experience? Ted's 8 years of experience is equivalent to giving all grade schoolers a "participant" ribbon when they don't perform well enough to place in the competition. Occupying space and consuming oxygen is not the type of "experience" which is valuable to the citizens of District 28. Ted is elected only by default. More qualified candidates don't have the time to run for and serve in office.
PoliGlut said…
Main problem with both of these ads -- especially Ted's -- is that they focus not upon constituents, but rather on the candidates.

Who cares? Voters don't. Talk about THEIR problems.
been there said…
I served with Ted in Pierre for 4 years, and suspect you didn't. He is a very good legislature, and excellent on appropriations, and has a very good conservative voting record. Of all the people I served with , I would put him in the top 10% of candidates that I would vote for. He is well-liked and respected by members of both parties, and has a great sense of humor.
Anonymous said…
Anon 2:22,

You have obviously never been around Ted or watched him during the legislative session to come up with a goofy statement like that. He has a terrific head for figures, forgets almost nothing, and is a strong conservative voice in Pierre, which is why we’ve sent him back every chance we’ve had.

As for qualified candidates, you obviously are also unaware that he has beaten a very capable former legislator, Ken Wetz, in the primaries twice and is presently running a strong race against another very able young man, Ryan Maher.

You tend to your own legislative district and we’ll vote for the best out here in District 28.
Anonymous said…
Nobody works harder than Ted. If there is one thing you can count on, it is that Ted will be in committee - he'll be on the House floor - day in and day out. He rarely if ever misses a vote.

Ted does enjoy the respect of people in both parties. And this is a Democrat talking.

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