A couple of more advertisers, one of which is another shameless plug for myself.

A couple of notes on advertisers:

For those who have asked me, No, I don't have the phone number of the young lady in the "Yes on 6" ad. Although, I believe she's working for the campaign.

And if you hadn't noticed, I've put up two new advertisers today. One of which is Vince Foley for Circuit Court judge, so please check his website out at http://www.foleyforjudge.com. Vince noted he's a regular reader, so If you could give him a look, it would be greatly appreciated.

The other advertiser? That's where the shameless plug comes in.

I've done a few campaign t-shirts this season if you recall the Sattgast "silly goose" convention shirts, and the "Greenfield for Senate" baseball style shirts, and it got me thinking.

I was thinking that it might be worth my while to tell readers that if you're looking for an inexpensive campaign t-shirt for your campaign workers or as giveaways - Republican, Democrat, or other, drop me a note. I've got what you're looking for.

Here's the election day deal I'm offering:
For a minimum of ten single sided, single color T-shirts in one of the ink colors I have (red, navy blue, light blue, red, light green, dark green, yellow, white, black or brown) $6.00 each, and no screen fee. And that's any shirt color except for black (add .75 each for black).

If you're looking for 2 sided shirts, add $2.50 each.

South Dakota sales tax will be charged, and if you get into significant quanities, I am willing to negotiate on price.
If you're interested, don't delay. Election day is approaching, and it takes about a week for me to get shirts in. Dems, I don't know if you'll find them this cheap without a screen fee which is usually added on top of things. Republicans - this is me doing them, not you in the back of GOP HQ trying to figure things out.

All I need is your art (or your approval on what we develop) and then we're off. I've got my homemade press and a large professional quality textile dryer I bought from Advertising Arts in Sioux Falls a couple of years back. And I can sure crank the shirts out.

All proceeds will go towards helping me to buy a multicolor screen press, so I can do multicolor projects. Or I'll spend it on gas going back and forth to Brookings.

If you're interested, drop me a note, and whether you're "R" or "D," I'm happy to do business with you.


Nicholas Nemec said…
Please tell the young lady in the yes on 6 ad to stop plucking her eyebrows before its too late
Anonymous said…
not to worry, I believe the brow's are painted on.
Anonymous said…
Beauty tips from Nemec... on the next Entertainment Tonight.

Is it still too late for white shoes, Nic?
Nicholas Nemec said…
Anon 6:59

The vast majority of people should never wear white shoes but I'll give my OK on them in your case.

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