Check this out from next door to SD. Wetterling uses Foley in campaign. And facts don't get in the way.

From Hugh Hewitt:
“It shocks the conscience. Congressional leaders have admitted to covering up the predatory behavior of a congressman who used the internet to molest children.”

That quote comes from a new campaign ad by Patty Wetterling, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s 6th district. You have to admit, it’s pretty impressive – in two introductory sentences, Wetterling ably and completely misrepresents two of the key facts of the Foley scandal.


It’s important to put this commercial in context. It’s already been linked to by Markos Moulitsas who gushes, “Patty Wetterling in MN-06 is already using Foley in an ad. More will follow.” We should also recall Nancy Pelosi’s promise last night to tar every Republican candidate with the Foley scandal.

Once again we get an unhindered view of the Democrats’ campaign philosophy: Offer pure bile, unconstrained by any fidelity to available facts. As has so often been the case in recent history, the last days of a campaign season are revealing the true face of the Democratic Party. It ain’t pretty.

Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Everything Wetterling says is true.

Foley's fellow republican reps knew about this over a year ago and even brought it directly to the speaker of the house - Dennis Hastert.

Instead of investigating something, they chose to ignore the whole matter.

Imagine if the police had been advised by a boy's parents that an adult is sending questionable e-mails to their underage son, and won't quit doing it.

Would the police investigate the matter and see what all of the e-mails said and who else the man sent e-mails to? Or would they just talk to the man and close their investigation on the suspect's say-so?

There is a willful indifference by Republican leadership to the safety of people in the Page program.

Republicans put the desire to protect their own ahead of the need to protect kids.
Anonymous said…
You have to hand it to the Democrats. They wait until the last few weeks to throw their mud. Whalen, on the other hand, did it early on.

Politics has become a dirty game - and yes, facts don't get in the way. If you have any doubt about that, take a look at those Vote Yes for 6 ads that claim there is an option for rape and incest victims.

That bill mentions nothing about an option for rape and incest victims. It just allows for people to take Plan B, which must be done within 72 hours and has a 10 percent failure rate.

Sen. Thune even said there is no option for rape and incest victims. So who are you going to believe, Leslee Unruh, who has a hidden agenda, or Sen. Thune, who finds himself between a rock and a hard place?

Give South Dakota voters some credit. They know dirt when they see it, and they know lies when they read it. HB 1215 is in trouble for both reasons.
Brad S said…
12:38. You do realize that Patty Wetterling is accusing Mark Foley of actual child molestation, correct?

Or does that not matter? Judging by the tone of your comment, you apparently believe in the "Just Win, Baby! Nothing Else Matters." school of political discourse. So, why not insinuate Foley fiddles around with kids!

So, what's next? You guys got some goods the rest of America doesn't know about? Like, perhaps, some story about a GOP Congresscritter having some "truth teller" MURDERED? Or are you guys going to try some actual physical violence against GOP campaign workers?

Where do you draw the line? If you draw a line.
Anonymous said…
I'm much more worried about some right wing wackos going after some of the pro-choice people.
My daughter was quoted in a story about this issue last spring, and every nut in the nation came out of the woodwork. They phoned and e-mailed her to the point that she was afraid for the safety of her and her family. (And she has nothing to do with Planned Parenthood!)
If the people who comment on here call pro-choice people murderers and baby killers, and compare them to Hitler and mass murderers, it makes me wonder just how far they are willing to go to get their point across.
nonnie said…
I'm not at all condoning what Foley did - it is despicable. And Dems, Reps, and independents all agree on this. This could just as well have happened in the Dem party and I suppose Reps would then be acting like the Dems are now.

But isn't it sad that this is what politics has descended to? Mudslinging, innuendo, etc etc.

Politics should be about ideas, about where a candidate stands on an issue, etc etc. This is what voters need to make informed decisions in the voting booth. This other stuff should be handled as a criminal action but should not be made an issue in a campaign.
oldguy said…
Foley got what he deserved. Am I the only person wondering where these IM's have been for three years and why they appeared right now? I wonder if this was dirty tricks or just the way it happened. I think if it is dirty tricks than the people behind it are as bad as Foley.To me it doesn't matter who was keeping the IM's Rep or Dem whoever should have to pay for it as these pages are kids!
DakotaDemocrat said…
So the Swift Boats were not okay, PP?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I'll admit the Democrats are runnign with this. Politics are dirty. What about Bush saying the Democrats can't be trusted with national security? Or everytime Bush Co. comes out saying Democrats are providing comfort to the enemy? What the fuck is that all about? Thank GOD the Democrats are taking advantage of this scandal! I would be furious otherwise because the GOP absolutely would have made a major political issue over this an would have misrepresented the facts as well-- you know it as well as I do!
oldguy said…
who said either side was right.. i didn't.. I think they both suck! I think people need to start voting for the person NOT the party
Anonymous said…
oldguy, you are right on target. There are good people in both parties, just as there are bad people in both parties. The character and capability of the candidate is more important than the banner he runs under. If more of us looked at the individual instead of adopting that us and them, R&D mentality, our state would be a lot better off.

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