I'm glad he's not one of ours.

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You know, I can't imagine why someone described Hundstad as the "Kloucek of the North" to me today. Nope. No Idea.

Oh, and as far as my campaign ad analysis goes: See the above ad?

Don't do this. Ever.


Anonymous said…
pp - Why do you say not to do this? What type of message do you think this projects, other than the fact that it seems confusing?
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I can understand why you wouldn’t want Hundstad. Any party that has Napoli, Greenfield, Elli whatshername, Apa, and Howie is full of enough crazies.
PP said…
Anon, if you want to tell candidates to pose for campaign photos on segways be my guest. But only if they are Democrats.

What type of message do I think this projects?

mjb said…
Bwwaaahhhh hah hah hah ha ha ha ha! Hee hee hee hee! Ho ho ho ho!


Heh. Hee hee.

That's the funniest thing I think I've seen in a while. A long while.
Anonymous said…
mjb ...

... ahem, ahaw, ahee ...

Thanks. That was hilarious.

Funnier than that incredibly off-putting ad.

ANYONE ... !

Please let me know SOMETHING else about this guy other than his strange take on mass communication.
Anonymous said…
Is that a kitty litter pail stapped on the side of his contraption? What the @#%!?????
been there said…
Jim is a nice guy and he means well, but he talks way too much if you ever get in a private conversation with him. He's very hard to get away from, because he can't shut up, but I think he knows that and will admit it. He is humble.
Anonymous said…
If Brian Johnson had enough money to run ads of Jim Hustad talking, he would win hands down. I went to a forum on Admendment D that he was on of the top speakers. He talked about furnaces for 10 minutes. Jim is a nice guy, he should not be in the Senate though.
Anonymous said…
Don't get me wrong - I'm not voting for Jim - but he is getting noticed in parades with this. I saw him in two parades last weekend and he is definatly getting attention. Nobody ever sees the other candidates because they are too busy running - trying to keep up handing out stickers. Good Idea Jim !!
Anonymous said…
Hundstad's problem is that he talks a lot and knows a little. That has been my perception.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your re-election Jim!

You may talk alot, but you are a politician, right?

You may have some wacky ideas sometimes, but at least you have some.

You're not just another right-wingnut rubber stamp. We have enough of those in the legislature already!
Anonymous said…
And bring your kitty litter to Pierre with you. We have a lot of sh#@ up there to clean up!
Anonymous said…
Traditional Ideals, such as his plan to REQUIRE schools to adopt a 4-day calendar & to PREVENT them from conducting any extracurricular activities on those nights. That's what Friday & Saturday are for. And, if schools would have failed to comply with Hundstad's plan (SB 71--2005), they would have FORFEITED ALL STATE-AID TO EDUCATION.

If a politician of any significance had introduced such a bill, it would have been grounds for public flogging. When it's somebody of Hundstad's caliber, it doesn't even send a ripple when it sinks.

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