Argus Reporting that Tim Johnson continues to hire campaign staff

The Argus is reporting today that despite facing months of rehab, Tim Johnson's campaign team is being assembled in the hopes of pressing forward:
Drey Samuelson, Johnson’s chief of staff, said Wednesday that the office has hired Steve Jarding as deputy chief of staff. He starts in February. Jarding, who will work for the senator’s congressional office in Rapid City, is a veteran political consultant who served as a top strategist for James Webb, the Virginia Democrat who upset Republican Sen. George Allen last November.

Jarding was offered the position by Senator Johnson in early December, prior to Johnson’s December 13 surgery.

“All of us are delighted that Steve is once again coming to work for Tim,” Samuelson said, “He brings a wealth of experience to the job.”

Jarding is a native of South Dakota and worked for Johnson in 1997 and 1998. He helped elect Democrat Mark Warner as governor of Virginia in 2001 and has worked for former Democratic senators Bob Kerrey of Nebraska and Tom Daschle of South Dakota.

Johnson is in fair condition and recovering.
Read it all here.

This would seem to give the impression that Johnson is going to run again. But, it's still much to long of a time for anyone to confirm it conclusively. But just in case it materializes - putting Jarding in place is a smart move.

The most immediate obstacle is probably going to be fundraising. With Tim momentarily down for the count, I don't think you're going to see much in the way of bringing in the dough for what could be a $5 to 7 million dollar race if the GOP can come up with a heavy hitter.

Lobbyists aren't likely to open their checkbooks unless it's a "for sure" thing - and all reports at the moment put things in a holding pattern.

There's still lots that will develop in this race before it's all over. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Tim Johnson in a coma could beat Mike Rounds, and Rounds is the heaviest hitter the R's will be able to muster for this race.
Anonymous said…
According to SDP:
"Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), who is up for re-election this cycle, has formed a special fundraising account to help Sen. Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) raise money for a prospective 2008 bid while recovering from emergency brain surgery.

"Baucus, the newly minted chairman of the powerful Finance Committee, on Tuesday finalized the creation of the Baucus-Johnson Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee that allows Baucus to simultaneously raise money for his re-election as well as Johnson's.

"All funds collected through the committee would be divided equally between the Western state Senators, Baucus' office said."

So here is the money. All this I think is also designed to keep Johnson's seat by making it look like he is planning to run again and will stop any thoughts of appointing someone to his seat, even if there are still questions whether he will recover enough to run.
Anonymous said…
Johnson will need to be able to demonstrate that he is capable of doing the job. I hope that he is, but he will have to show that if he wants people to vote with them.
Anonymous said…
The Democrats are so desperate to hold onto their new senate power. Knowing what they’re capable of I’m left with the visual of poor Mr. Johnson being carried into the senate chamber strapped to a chair.

In the final battle in the movie EL CID, Charlton Heston, dead from his wounds, is tied to his horse with a plank against his back to hold him upright. He’s sent out from the castle at the head of his army in a final assault on the Muslims that have been laying siege. The Muslims fled in terror. Could that possibly work this time and end the Iraq problem?

Really, though, If Mr. Johnson was in ANY other position of responsibility he would have been relieved and replaced so he could recover.
Anonymous said…
He wouldn't even have to be carried in strapped to a chair. All he has to do is not resign. Don't get me wrong; I do hope he recovers. That said, IMO this hiring of campaign staff seems to be an effort to forestall any talk about replacing him, even if it is known by the Dems that he will actually never run again or be able to serve again.
Anonymous said…
come on now, even if brain damage did occur during his stroke is there any difference. I mean he is a liberal, they don't have a full deck to start with.
Anonymous said…
hey 6:24 -- go to hell.
Anonymous said…
Simply a smart, proactive move by Johnson that affords him more control over the 2008 scenario. That's why rep.'s don't like and are frustrated by it. That's the nature of the game - to think a couple of moves ahead. Everyone hopes for his recovery, to feel otherwise would be evil. But not everyone hopes for his continued service in the senate. That's what rep.'s can't admit right now because he's still too close to the surgery. If he decides to run, watch his opponent, for political gain, express his personal concern for Tim's medical condition and worry for him about the stresses of the campaign and term. If he doesn't run, Herseth would most likely take the seat, but then he rep.'s would actually field and support a candidate for the house, unlike they did last time. Keep it close to the vest for now Senator, and hope the therapy is going well, because I am one of those that sincerely want both your recovery and continued service.
Anonymous said…
In the final scene in Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston is riding horseback on the beach with his mute girlfriend and sees the statue of liberty mostly buried in the sand, thus realizing his spaceship had crashed on earth in the future and not a different planet.
Anonymous said…
Adam, kind of like the Republicans carrying Strom Thurmond into session for his last 6 years huh?
Anonymous said…
6:24 Would you have posted that using your real name?

If not, maybe you should reconsider who's playing with a full deck around here, and who's not.

That remark was pure poison.


If you— or anyone else — thinks it was funny, you should get help.
Anonymous said…
9:31, yes it was despicable. But I am willing to bet that far worse would have been said by some SD lefty bloggers much earlier if it had been Thune instead of Johnson. I shudder to think what Chad and Doug would have said.
Anonymous said…
9:05am: "Simply a smart, proactive move by Johnson..." No, it’s a proactive move by his staff. He's not making any decisions right now.

No one is frustrated by the move. It's typical maneuvering by socialists. It is also recognized, however, as with 9:34pm, that had it been a "rep." the national and local socialists would be calling for a resignation...especially if the governor was a dem. with the authority to appoint the replacement.

It is interesting that you use the word "evil" a concept that is questioned and denied by the left-wing intelligentsia. Used when convenient to you, eh??

It is the nature of the "game." to "think ahead" and try to shape (spin) things to come. You show a fine example with your statement, "watch his opponent, for political gain, express his personal concern for Tim's medical condition and worry for him about the stresses of the campaign and term." That's cute, "...for political gain, express his personal concern for Tim's medical condition.." as if it were not an issue.

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