Tonight's rundown...

Aside from the big argument over legislative rules in the House (over an even versus an uneven number of people on the disciplinary panel), it's quiet... almost too quiet.

I'm in a holding pattern on some of what I was hoping to be writing on now, because there are still plenty of PAC reports out. One they are all in - I'm on that like stink on you-know-what. Other than that, I haven't seen much that's had the kind of unique 'hook' that I like, nor has there been anything other than Sutton that's been too controversial.

Although, HB1095 is leaning towards political correctness by changing the term of the jury "foreman" to "foreperson" as it's referred to in administering judicial oaths. I never considered that one gender specific myself. It's like changing the name of a "manhole" to a "personhole."

I've been too busy to spend my lunch hours at the Capitol as I was hoping to, although I was there for a few minutes today while working on a project. It gave me a minute to introduce myself to Carol Pitts who was working on research of her own. Apparently she's taking the lead on one of Chris Nelson's bills.

What else? I'm still working on the whole blogger credential thing. I might even have that badge yet this session.

Stay tuned.


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