Heidepreim to address local dems, etcetera.

The Capital Journal is reporting this morning that former Republican and current Senate Minority Leader Scott Heidepreim is addressing the Hughes and Stanley County Democrats tomorrow to talk about the "Democratic Agenda" for the 2007 session.

Everyone is reporting on how Sutton's lawyers continue to try to block any senate action against their client. Watch for Larry Long to make his arguments to the State Supreme Court today.

And last night, I heard the very first rumblings of a draft movement for a candidate for congress. I'll let you know more on this as it solidifies.


Anonymous said…
If Johnson decides not to run again, and Herseth steps up to run for the open Senate seat, there will be no need to "draft" a candidate for Congress. Having said that, it will be interesting to hear your news.

I thought the "Democratic agenda" most years was keeping and eye on Sutton and a muzzle on Kloucek - not that they've ever been much good at either.

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