Nathan Peterson involved in new SD political group

Nathan Peterson, late of the Campaign for Healthy Families, (who also writes over at South Dakota Progressive) is featured in an article in today's Capital Journal as the South Dakota spokesman for the National Environmental Trust.

According to the article, the N.E.T. is "a non-profit, non-partisan organization established in 1994 to inform citizens about environmental problems and how they affect our health and quality of life."

Peterson notes that South Dakota specific issues his group is focusing on includes a SDSU report on how global warming effects waterfowl population, and other effects on the South Dakota Ecosystem.

The article should be on-line at the cap journal sometime later this AM.


Anonymous said…
The Campaign for Healthy Families still exists. They just released a report before session started about the disconnect between legislators who voted for the abortion ban and their constituents who voted against it.

Did you know that 32 of 35 legislative districts' voters rejected the ban?
Anonymous said…
It's pretty obvious that the state's legislators are not in tune with their constituents.
Anonymous said…
This isn't new, Peterson has been doing this for a long time, nobody's been paying attention, ha.
Anonymous said…
12:25, I'm not ready to sign up for the Al Gore "we're all about to sweat to death" bandwagon on global warning, but, lots of our farmers and ranchers in the 8th year of drought are beginning to ask serious questions.

Somebody's paying attention to the issue, maybe just not to Mr. Peterson.
Anonymous said…
I think if you want something done right you should enlist Mr. Peterson's services. Ask Mrs. Unruh what it was like going up against Mr. Peterson.
Anonymous said…
How many legislators who voted for the ban and were on the ballot were re-elected to office?

In those 32 districts that rejected the ban how many kicked out a legislator who voted for the ban?

How many pro-abortion candidates were elected to office this year?

What percentage of the population is against abortion on demand yet still wants exceptions?

Why did the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals agree to an en banc rehearing the of the informed consent injunction?
Anonymous said…
While you're at it, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Anonymous said…
"lots of our farmers and ranchers in the 8th year of drought are beginning to ask serious questions."

Yeah, they care about it once it matters to their wallets and their way of life. I'd be willing to bet most of these farmers and ranchers who care about it now thought it was a scam or a hoax about 10 years ago.
Anonymous said…
Global warming must be what happened in CA the other night when all the fruits and veggies got frozen ,huh? My global warming thermometer said -13 this morning.Heck, the temperature here fluctuates well over 100 degees every year, and I've yet to see a native species become extinct!
Anonymous said…
There's a Deep Freeze from coast to coast. I'll bet you can't sell Global Warming to the Oklahomans right now.
Anonymous said…
10:01 probably not. But can you sell it to that huge ice shelf that just broke free from the polar cap after being stuck solid for thousands of years. After all that rain in december - even at night - I might buy some of it.
Anonymous said…
Its called El Nino not global warming you enviro-freak.

I wonder what the families of the 42 people killed by the icy weather in OK would have to say about this?
Resident of Planet Earth said…
Most of the commenters obviously do not understand the intricacies of drastic global climate change if you are referring to variance in temperatures on a time scale of 3 months.

"Golly, its been real cold the past 2 or 3 weeks. Global Warming is a fraud."

Come'on folks. Lets pretend for a moment that climate change requires a little more analysis than watching the weather channel for a month and a half. Yes, El Nino is currently affecting SD weather patterns. But to point to El Nino and shrug off the entire thing is ridiculous.

Global Warming (climate change) is happening. The question is, how will it affect us?
Anonymous said…
10:01 and 12:37, instead of name calling and poor science why don't you do some research. Just because it's called global warming doesn't mean it just makes the earth warmer. When the polar ice caps melt it causes fluctuations in the way ocean water is heated and cooled producing extreme/strange weather occurances.

Check out this article on what El Nino really is.
Anonymous said…
10:17 said:

12:37 envirofreak? That's a new one and a little strong don't you think? Let me rush right out and contact those grieving families for the definitive postition on global warming. You obviously won't be convinced until your freezer stops making ice. Don't bother checking out 1:27's link. Leave that for people who have the ability to actually grasp some basic principles of physics and science. Start by pulling your head out and breathing some fresh air. You can find it in our environment.

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