Breaking Rumor: Howie to bring abortion bill this session?

This is very hot off of the rumor mill. I grabbed a computer as soon as I heard it. I'm told tonight that State Representative Gordon Howie is contemplating introducing an abortion measure this session.

This measure supposedly will contain exceptions for the rape, incest, health or life of the mother. As one legislator noted to me, aside from him not being excited at all for the possibility of facing the measure so soon after the defeat of referred law #6, the exceptions are big enough to drive a truck through.

It's entirely possible that this just isn't going to happen, but I hear the media is on it already, so it may appear in the MSM in the next day or so.


Anonymous said…
good deal. it's about time to crank up another act in this circus.
Anonymous said…
I think the rest of the republicans in the House are smart enough to never let that happen.

My bet is it dies in committee, or never even sees the light of day.
Anonymous said…
9:27 I would wager there will be enough support to "strike the not"
VJ said…
8:19 PM

Unborn children are murdered every day and when an attempt is made to stop it you think it's a circus!

Says a lot about you liberal Democrats. And it's nothing good!

If this bill is introduced I know it will pass.

9:27 PM is betting that the bill dies in committee or never sees the light of day. Well Mr. Anonymous, along with the bill, you are also talking about the unborn child that will die in committee, or never even see the light of day!

Why can't you understand that?
Anonymous said…
Wow I guess there are some really stupid people in the legislature.

People told them to get back to work, I guess some didn't listen.
James said…
anon 7:52

How is working to restrict abortion classified as "not working"?

I guess "not working" must mean you don't want our legislators to protect the citizens who live in their districts.

Let's make one thing very clear that the South Dakota voters said the DID want eliminate abortion in our state. They simply wanted to have a more clear rape and incest clause written in the bill. Even the Argus/KELO poll showed that the ban passes by 75%-25% when there is a rape and incest clause is more clearly defined.
Anonymous said…
How do I contribute to Howie's campaign. He is making the move that makes sense for South Dakota!
Anonymous said…
Go Howie, Go! But, how is he going to do it without Leslie Unruh? My wife heard in the beauty shop that she is starting a job in DC on Monday. Supposedly straight from the horse's mouth. Maybe I should start getting male manicures so I hear the good fodder.
Anonymous said…
This is the same guy who compared women to cows. Another whack job from the gop.
Anonymous said…
if leslie uhnrue doesn't get that crosseyed goofy slop look off her face, anything she's associated with is toast.

I recommend surgery.
Anonymous said…
Is is just opinion that 'unborn children are murdered everyday.

The Republicans should stop the insanity of attempting to destroy women's right to her own body and her own choices.

I've always thought that the SD GOP is always willing and eager to slap chasity belts, scold's bridles and handcuffs on all women to keep them barefoot and pregnant so they can make themselves feel good about championing 'family values'.

REpublicans don't want no free and uppity women in South Dakota.
Anonymous said…
11:16, You are so wrong!
What most people want is no more late term abortions which has been proven is not needed.
People do not want abortions used for birth control.
Yes, some people want all abortions stopped. Some want the incest and rape clause included.
BUT, what got lost in the shuffle last election cycle was the only way to get the Sup Court to listen was to do an entire ban.
You know it takes two to tangle to create the baby so why is it the man has no say so when it comes to abortion even in marriage regardless of the circumstances?
Are womens rights better than a mans? If life is to be equal then I would think all should be considered.
Yep, I think from the get go it is a baby a life of it's own. DNA proves it.

I do have one more comment but will hold for now.
Anonymous said…
Gordon Howie has had his finger up his butt since day one. He's personable. He can schmooze, but he can't sell. He's a non-closer. That's the long and short of it. Even so, he can still come out cool, if he learns to listen. Otherwise, he's just another West River idiot with his dick in his hand.
Anonymous said…
Why try to pass the bill?

Let's all save some money, and have the legislature put the abortion bill WITH exceptions on the ballot next year.

If the voters pass it, the impending lawsuits would be less likely to be successful, and less numerous to pay for.
Anonymous said…
2:04. Why is it that libs always have to make their points in an in-the-gutter manner? Maybe it's because they can't express themselves any other way. Just like the left blogs that use the F* word and other stuff constantly. I am all for free speech and people say what they want...I just wonder why libs have to resort to such language.
Anonymous said…
9:22 Ask Dick Cheney.

Better yet, ask Barbara Bush.

Howie is the guy who said (when discussing women and HB1215) that pregnant cows were more valuable than ones that weren't.

(Even his wife was offended.)

Like Bill Napoli, Gordon has frequent bouts of foot- in-mouth disease. Sure you could use more flowery language, I suppose, but often times, when one does so, one fails to truly communicate.

Sometimes the best choice of words includes those which have the potential to offend.

In short, sometimes communication works better if you just go ahead and call a spade a shovel.

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