A cautionary tale?

I've always found the stories about lottery winners who end up hating their good fortune interesting, if not a cautionary tale. In the latest, the $315 Million Powerball winner is now saying he's broke, and can't pay a court settlement, and that thieves cleaned out his bank accounts:
A man beset by problems since winning a record lottery jackpot says he can't pay a settlement to a casino worker because thieves cleaned out his bank accounts.


Since then, he has faced his granddaughter's death by drug overdose; he has been sued for bouncing checks at Atlantic City, N.J., casinos; he has been ordered to undergo rehab after being arrested on drunken driving charges; his vehicles and business have been burglarized; and he has been sued by the father of an 18-year-old boy, a friend of his granddaughter's, who was found dead in Whittaker's house.

In the latest lawsuit, Whittaker told French's lawyer, John Barrett, that "a team of crooks" cashed checks in September at 12 City National Bank branches and "got all my money," according to the motion Barrett filed Wednesday in state court.

Read all of the Associated Press Story here. (The money should have been mine, anyway.)


Anonymous said…
And we are supposed to feel sorry for these idiots? Too bad someone doesn't win who knows how to manage the money. (Like me!)
Anonymous said…
Maybe the guy ought to steer clear of casinos. Bad checks in Atlantic City, assaulting (at a casino) the woman whose judgment he can't pay, and it sounds like he's doing serious drinking... Methinks the problem is more with the person and not the money.
Anonymous said…
Someone wise once told me that "Money doesn't change anyone...it just makes you more of what you already were."

If you were generous, you will be more generous. If you were irresponsible, it will make you more irresponsible. If you were selfish, it will make you more selfish.
Anonymous said…
After a decade of caring for the elderly I can attest that age does the same thing!

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