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The Mitchell Daily Republic was reporting the other day on a topic I had touched on earlier. Specifically, on Representative Hargens' moral authority to go after Roger Hunt.

I had brought up the fact that he filed a financial disclosure form several months late, and recently in the Mitchell Daily Republic, Reporter Seth Tupper called Hargens on the carpet for the fact that his latest campaign finance filing was pokey as well:
State Rep Dale Hargens, D-M one of the leading critics of an alleged campaign finance violation by a fellow legislator, is 11 days overdue in filing his own campaign finance report.

Hargens the House minority leader, is among 24 legislative candidates who have not filed post general election reports that were due Jan. 2. All of the state’s 223 legislative candidates were supposed to ifie a report by the deadline. Locally, three of the 10 candidates for Davison County offices also have failed to file reports.

Hargens said Friday that he still plans to file but ‘just didn't get to it” before the deadline. Meanwhile, he has been critical of Rep. Roger Hunt, R-Brandon, for refusing to identify the source of a $750,000 contribution that Hunt funneled to a pro-life campaign.

Hargens believes Hunt may have violated the law. Several times, Hargens has said Hunt is ‘thumbing his nose at the Legislature and the voters by refusing to identify the source of the donation.

Hargens said his own infraction is less egregious than Hunt's.

I don't believe I lose any credibility at all in being a late filer, Hargens said. I have not refused to do it. I’m going to do it. I’m telling you I’m going to do it. He has said he will not tell us who gave that money.
Read it in the dead tree edition of the Mitchell Daily Republic.


Anonymous said…
I hope Dale realizes how ridiculously hypocritical he sounds. I think he probably does - but what else should he say?
Anonymous said…
Dale "Holier than thuo" Hargens needs to keep his mouth shut until he takes care of his own business.
If this was a library book that was 11 days overdue, he get fined a nickel! What Hargens did is nothing compared to Hunt!
Anonymous said…
Hey prairie deacon,
What's at question here is not the amount, but the conduct. If the principle is the same then everyone should be held to the same high standard.

BTW, this isn't a library book and Hargens is calling out one of his fellow legislators when his ducks aren't even in a row.

Bottom line is Hargens broke the law.
Anonymous said…
I think Chris Nelson's $50 a day fine is the right way to go, expect way too low a dollar amount. These guys are spending thousands of dollars on their campaigns, why not a $500 a day fine?

Those who raise and spend little won't be hurt since their reports are simple and not time-consuming to prepare and file on time. Those who raise and spend big bucks clearly have dedicated finance volunteers who stay on top of the reports.

Only the scofflaws will be left, and they should deservedly get nailed.
Anonymous said…
He broke the law. Clinto lied under oath. Oh yeah, and bush and his lies cost us 1.2 trillion, 3000 US deaths and 22,000 US injuries (many life altering) acccording to the NY Times today. You GOPers should stop on this law and order bs when you compare what Hargens did and what Hunt did. You are a joke. Making statements such as you did 4:40 doesn't make you better than me. Deal with that.

One-Hargens jaywalked another-Hunt got a DUI third. Different story, different crime. Loose the self-rightousness, you are not preaching to your inlaws. Is a speeding ticket the same as an assault. No. Is a blowjob lie the same as a lie to move this country to war? Is a delay to file a campaign report the same as intentional skirty the system to influence an election?????

Can you see the difference????? Are you so rightous that it doesn't matter to you?????? Stop, I'm getting a headache.
Anonymous said…
What Hunt did may be entirely legal. Nobody knows. That's why it's at the Supreme court.

Hargens? (although it may be a petty offense)It's clearly illegal.

Regardless of Hunt's infractions, Dale still lacks the moral authority on this one.
Anonymous said…
The funniest thing about all this is that whoever put up 3/4 of a mil lost it all! Sucker.
Anonymous said…
6:42 is exactly right. Hunt did what he thought was legal. I guess we'll find out if he's right or wrong after the legal issue has been briefed and litigated.

Hargens on the other hand, neglected to file a report, which is clearly against the law.

As for those who decry the severity of Hunt's alleged crime versus Hargen's, I'd like to know why Hunt's is worse. If he's broken a law, it's failing to file a report. Wouldn't that be the same as Hargens?
I'm no lawyer, but try influence peddeling.
I never thought i'd live to see the day where filing a report late could be considered a serious offense. Bureaucracy at it's finest!

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