Campaign Cash - Thune way out front

Reports have been been trickling in, but the campaign cash reports are out for our federal representatives:

Senator John Thune - $2.15 million in the bank - up for election in 2010.
Senator Tim Johnson - $1.2 million in the bank - up for election next year.
Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin - $329,366 in the bank - up for election next year

Read it all here at the Argus Leader.


Anonymous said…
Well, I am sure he takes his cut from all the fundraising junkets. I wonder if DM&E has a bonus option if the project eventually goes though?

Looks like the Porker needs to spend some time solving problems in D.C. and less time out campaigning to mislead everyone when his time comes.
scimitar said…
Thune is trying to avoid following the footsteps of his mentor - Jim Abdnor. Topple the King then lose after 1 term.

He's doing what he needs to on the funding end of things, but it's too soon to tell what 2010 will bring for Thune.
Anonymous said…
I seem to remember Daschle raising a lot of money long before he was up for reelection.

Anyone remember how that worked out for him?
Anonymous said…
Is Thune a career politician or a career lobbyist? He hasn't really stopped shilling for DM&E, and they really haven't stopped paying him for services rendered. The only difference is the location of Thune's work ... inside the U.S. Senate Chamber, not outside.
Anonymous said…
You can say what you want about DM&E. The fact is, that project going through will add a lot of jobs to South Dakota. Something a Senator is supposed to be interested in. If the DM&E is donating to his campaign that's fine. It's better than Daschle and Janklow fighting against it becuase they're on the Mayo Clinic payroll; which is located in another state!

Yes, I know they're private citizens now, but they always claimed to have the best interests of SD at heart. Obviously that only lasts as long as they're in office.
Anonymous said…
All national elected officials fundraise all the time!
Get a grip of reality.
Anonymous said…
Last time I checked, Johnson and Herseth both supported the DM&E expansion as well. I believe both are on record talking about what a benefit it would be to South Dakota's economy. Thune's the one who did the heavy lifting to make the loan application possible. So you're going to blame him for actually working for what our bipartisan Congressional delegation agrees would be beneficial? Why no venom spewed toward Herseth and Johnson?
Anonymous said…
"Anyone remember how that worked out for him [Daschle]?"

I do. He served for over a quarter of a century as representative of South Dakota in the federal Congress. Not too shabby, eh?

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