Too scary for belief

The Rapid City Journal is reporting late this AM that Rapid City Central high school is in lockdown at the moment - only a day after the worst campus violence in our Nations' history:
Witnesses at the scene reported that Rapid City Police officers and Pennington County Sheriff’s cars were stationed around the building and that some officers had guns drawn as they arrived.
Read this developing story at the Rapid City Journal


Anonymous said…
This whole thing makes you wonder about this individual? Why in the world would someone do this?
As a joke?
For kicks and gigles?
Picking on the security guard?
Or is there something more going on?
You know negative attention is stilll attention. Mis-guided and troublesome.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, some kid claimed to see someone walking across the school parking lot with a gun. It was all made up . Big deal!
Anonymous said…
This is the kind of kid who will be running a gossip blog by the time he's 17.
Anonymous said…
Poster 11:03, it is a BIG DEAL!

If you think this is not, think again. This kid, just wasted thousands of tax dollars, wasted the education of thousands of students, took police officers and others away from REAL work.

Now I await all the violins to come out so we can hear how this person has been treated, and neglected etc. etc.

I understand that some kids do some dumb things but, this goes far above a juvenile prank!

I do not think kindly of a person who does something like this. I would be doing, shall we say, a little butt kicken. Some major talking would be going on as a parent! This kid would be having a NOT so fun summer vacation coming up from this parent and he hasn't hit the courts yet!!!!

By the way this is poster 7:59p again.
Anonymous said…
The little punk should be publicly humliated. Don't let him get away with it! But he will be protected by the juvenile justice system and likely one of those PC judges in Rapid City.
Anonymous said…
What I can't believe is; that more people are NOT posting to this topic!

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