Johnson's office issues correction to Congresswoman Herseth statement.

From the Pierre Capitol Journal:
Although a local U.S. Representative recently said U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., could be back in the Senate by this summer, a spokeswoman from his office still will not give a timetable for his recovery.

U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-S.D., told a Pierre audience last week that Johnson would be working part time in the Senate by this summer and in outpatient care within the next few weeks.

"I can't confirm or deny, to be honest with you, other than to say that he's doing great," said Johnson's spokeswoman Julianne Fisher. "He continues to do really well. He's in good spirits so that's really fun actually."

Herseth Sandlin said Johnson's daughter Kelsey works in her Washington D.C. office and that is partly how she has been getting updates on his recovery.
Read the whole story here.



Anonymous said…
They wouldn't be having this discussion if Johnson would grant a media interview!!! I am going to keep hammering on this until Julianne and the rest of the staff quit with the coverup.
Anonymous said…
Look out, South Dakota! Anonymous 10:13 is going to keep hammering on this...
Anonymous said…
I do believe that South Dakota derserves to know more about his condition.
Seems if they break a toe the media hounds for information.
This is serious and people have the right to know.
Since he is supposed to be working for the people.
Anonymous said…
I just posted this in the other Johnson story, but it is also relevant here:

I just wish the Argus and the media (ie. KELO) would go after this story as if Johnson was a Republican. I don't think their patience would be in such high supply. If I remember right, "open-government" is a major priority of theirs.
Anonymous said…
The Argus will file a LAWSUIT to find out who attends the stupid Pheasant Hunt, but they won't even COMPLAIN about the lack of transparency found around this story (which is grossly more important than the hunt). Seems like a double standard.
Anonymous said…
Isn't there something called "recall"???
If i have to explain...well....
Maybe it doesn't fit here???
Anonymous said…
LOL!!! So we've got anonymous calling for openness and transparency. Reminds me of pots & kettles.
Anonymous said…
And anonymous calling for recall.

Hey anonymous go back to high school and read your government book this time.
Anonymous said…
7:45, your snide comment is also stupid. It's not about pots &'s about apples and oranges. The difference between we regular-folk "anons" and the news media is that it not our job to report the "news." The news media is deliberately kowtowwing, and I want to know why. No, wait. I know why. Senator Johnson is a Democrat. But I want the media to do something about it. 1:13 has an excellent point about the Argus' mmisplaced sense of priorities. Trust me. If Thune had been hospitalized with a hangnail, the Argus and the RCJ would be filing FOI requests. And by the way, if it were Thune in Senator's Johnson's position, I would be calling for the same thing: DO YOUR JOB, NEWS MEDIA. QUIT BUYING THE COMPANY LINE.
Anonymous said…
We need people like you in government. I too am sick and tired of "the Media" having double standards. Conservatives get examined more closely than Liberals.
Anonymous said…
What do you want to know? That Johnson had a stroke and is recovering. That it takes time to recover and determine what the outlook for the rest of your life will be. Give Johnson a break for the love of Christ!
Max Power said…
Annon 8:41:

Want some cheese with your whine?
Anonymous said…
If Senator Johnson was likely to make a full (or near full) recovery, we would have been told just that. He may have the right to remain in office, either way, but his office should be more responsive.

The Sioux Falls press is liberal and they'd want him to keep his seat no matter what. I would know, I have worked for them.

One other thing. Perhaps others have noticed this band of mouthy little liberals that has been commenting on South Dakota blogs. My guess is that they are trying to drive viewers away from moderate or conservative blogs and its probably working.
Anonymous said…
No Confidence vote here!

I'll tell you this much Doctors did tell him and his family about his chances for a possible full recover! Yes, there are "if's", but for the most part this topic has been talked about!
They have a rather good idea.
Anonymous said…
3:09: Huh?
Anonymous said…
Jesus it stinks over here.

The grey background on the home page.
The tiny type faces, the even tinier poster mentality and the miniscule chicken sh** minds of the respondants.

To the degree that this blog has a somewhat high level of activity, it is because it is such a freak show.

Nice carnival you got goin here, PP.

Maybe if you could get everybody to use their names and something else besides the reptilian part of ther brains, you might leverage this thing into something worth reading someday.

Meanwhile, fellow troglodites, when in Rome...
Anonymous said…
7:10, the correct spelling is "respondents." And as one of those respondents, I say to you, why bother reading or posting here? Head on back to Blogmore, where you sound suspiciously like that Fleming guy. (Sorry if I'm wrong.)
Anonymous said…
sd news bug,

Is "sd" your first name or initials for your first and middle name? Also, is "bug" your last name, because I did not find any stories on you thru google? Doesn't seem like you are any less anonymous than the rest of us, really.

And, if you are really trying to compare the import of transparency between a person having "anonymous" above their comment on this blog and the status of a U.S. Senator's health, you are rediculous (notice how I used a word like "rediculous" and not "moron," "freak show," etc.)

Can people be civil, discuss important issues and stop using phrases like "go back to HS" and "stop drinking kool-aid?" Let's discuss the issues.
Anonymous said…
7:03 poster, this is 3:09 here.
I was responding to someone who poster earlier.

What I am saying is that Sen. Johnson's doctor(s) would have spoken to his wife and the Senator (when able) about his health outlook and I am sure that they are still having this conversation.

I just think we the people of South Dakota have a right to know how he is "really" doing. If and it does seem to appear he is very limited in his ability (guessing here, so,I have to voice "No Confidence" in him holding office.

I am not looking at this as a political/party issue. I am looking at it as a health issue and that Sen. Johnson is supposed to representing us.

As I have stated before in other post through-out blogging, that I do not care which side of the political isle you are on, I believe in fairness for South Dakota and the nation someone who is a health crisis of this type should step down.
Anonymous said…
Why can't we have a "recall" election? Don't you have to get signatures like an initiated measure? Can we do that to a US Senate seat?
Anonymous said…
This is a very touchy situation, clearly, but I think based on what has been said in my newsroom, that people have serious doubts about the Johnson situation. People were willing to give Johnson some room during the first several months out of respect, but that time is passing. Also, I think it is true, as most people realize, that most reporters and editors are liberals, so they are willing to give Johnson even more leeway and not ask the hard questions. The Argus Leader has the most glaring double-standard because they are always demanding "openness" they have been conspicuously silent on this matter. If Johnson is truly "studying memos and reports" as his office says and introducing legislation, he certainly should be able to talk to a reporter. I can remember playing this game with Senator Mundt. Everyone said "he's doing great" etc, but he was a vegetable for 3 years. It is a hard thing to say, but Senator Johnson is not thinking of the best interests of his state at this time.

Jim River Valley Reporter
Anonymous said…
Thank you 9:06 and 8:24. Everyone wants Senator Johnson to recover. We just need to know that status. It is difficult to say, but politics are at play here. It seems that Senator Johnson's people are thinking more about the Democratic Party than the state of South Dakota. And the media, especially the Argus, are letting them do it.
Anonymous said…
10:22 Bullshit.
Anonymous said…
12;58 anon. Real intelligent comment there, buddy.
Anonymous said…
Oh, excuse me.

This blog is about being intelligent?

Who knew?

Anyone who really knows how to think and do research can easily look up Tim Johnson's condition and see that it will take him a while to recover.

Meanwhile, those who elected him and those whom he serves (who are sane) realize that simply by virtue of his connections and seniority he is doing a far better job of representing South Dakota's interests than any governor appointed replacement could possibly do.

The sheer partisanship of 10:22's disengenous comment turns my stomach.

In that context, "Bullshit" was the kindest comment I could muster.
Anonymous said…
4:52 poster.
"This blog is about being intelligent? and Anyone who really knows how to think and do research can easily look up Tim Johnson's condition and see that it will take him a while to recover."

Well, that is NOT want people are asking for! They want to hear from him or his doctors in open honest talk!

Heck yes, he can recover but to what level??? He could slip backwards and yes he can move foward.

One point is Medical Records ARE NOT OPEN to public eyes!
Anonymous said…
when has privacy overrode the right to transparency on the health issues of our elected issues. this is all very secretive, like a poker player holding cards and not wanting the other side know he/she has.....

I may be wrong but I sense there is more information out there we are just not getting.
Anonymous said…
Of course there is more info out there we aren't getting. Since when is that news when it comes to protecting a political agenda?!
Anonymous said…
4:52, you say, "The sheer partisanship of 10:22's disengenous comment turns my stomach." You are guilty of the same thing when you say:..."he is doing a far better job of representing South Dakota's interests than any governor appointed replacement could possibly do." You are saying that because a Republican would be appointed. That's partisanship too.
I am willing to bet that if it were Thune (or any Republican) in Johnson's position, and there was a Democrat in the governor's office, you would be clamoring for a change.
Anonymous said…
Excellent point 7:00 when you wrote "when has privacy overrode the right to transparency on the health issues of our elected issues." At the beginning, there was a respectful distance by the media. But enough time has passed for a full disclosure of current conditions. That is one of the occupational hazards of public office. You lose privacy.
Anonymous said…
Not at all. I'm simply pointing out that seniority has it's advantages... advantages that end up being good for South Dakotans. If we have two "new" Sentators they will both be in the back of the line and both aligned with a lame duck unpopular administration. It's not in South Dakota's best interest to be looking for a relpacement for Tim Johns. It is only in the best interest of the Republican party nationally. Most South Dakota Republicans understand this. That's why Tim Johnson and Stephanie Herseth were elected in the first place. It's not like this is a state full of Democrats.
Anonymous said…
4:52's remark that "Anyone who really knows how to think and do research can easily look up Tim Johnson's condition and see that it will take him a while to recover." True. But every case is different. One size does not fit all. That is why we need info.
Anonymous said…
12:22, Johnson got in by a sqeaker in the first place. Herseth just said what had to be said to get elected. She is and has aligned herself with the dems.
She is NOT an independant voice! She is a Dem now and forever. The majority of voters do NOT take the time to research a candidate. Voters rely on what they hear which is not always true.
Anonymous said…
Oh, please.

Somebody call the Wah-mbulence.

You cushin-assed Repubs have been riding on the backs of hard working Democrats all your lives, and your parents and grand parents before that.

What a bunch if ingrateful whiners.
You have no clue what work is.

If the world ran the way you want it to, you yourselves would be broke and in debt up to you asses.

In fact, I bet most of you are already there.

That's because, sooner or later, somebody has to actually know how to do something besides piss, moan, and pass the buck.

Let's put it this way, when it all collapses, you better hope there's a rapture, because most of you turkeys don't have a clue about how to live on this planet without exploiting someone else.

Turkeys. Pussies.
Anonymous said…
3:06, I don't know exactly which post you are responding to, but here goes. You would be the first to whine about stereotypes and then you do it. I am a Republican from a lower-middle-class family and have HONORABLY worked my a** off for every dime that I have EARNED. I've exploited no one and asked for nothing. So put that in your know-it-all, snotty pipe and smoke it. And while you're at it, go to straight to hell -- if you believe there is one.
Anonymous said…
You sound like a Democrat!

(...most South Dakotans are closet socialists you know? It's one of the nation's best kept secrets. Truth be told, you have no business claiming to be Republican. You have nothing in common with them, actually. But whatever....)
Anonymous said…
Seriously folks...

3:06, please don't post on this site again. I think we would all (Dems/Reps) appreciate it.
Anonymous said…
poster 3:06 "Turkeys. Pussies. "

Real mature!

Tell ya what, I used to be one of the cry babies, O, I mean Dem's.

I wouldn't want to be a Dem again I can not and will not back them.

Let's say I saw the light and it is shinning very bright you should give it a try, but you have to be able to listen and have your eyes wide open to truth.

However, I will say there are some policies that I do not agree with and I hope for some change. But, I don't think they would be on the other side of the isle.

Only a fool would beieve that Republicans don't know how to work or know what hard work is!!

Ya want to talk the life of hard knocks let's go. But remember some of it is self inflicted. So bring the kleenex and band-aids. I'm sure there are many others who will share!
Anonymous said…
well that was a shut down on the posting.
Anonymous said…
12.20...right, you stupid candy asses.
If you don't want to argue, don't have a blog.

What a bunch of candy assed pussies!
Anonymous said…
8:34 p poster
"12.20...right, you stupid candy asses.
If you don't want to argue, don't have a blog.
What a bunch of candy assed pussies!"

Humm. I just kept checking back to see what you might bring to the table. I see you continue to bring the mature nature of yourself.

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