This just keeps going downhill.

How do you preface such a thing? It seems at times like I'm beating a dead horse when it comes to integrity issues with Rapid City councilmen, but then another separate incident comes up.

The Rapid City Journal has a story on the front of the Local section today where councilman Mike Schumacher is involved in yet another controversy:
Alderwoman Deb Hadcock blasted fellow council member Michael Schumacher on Monday for failing to publicly own up to an e-mail critical of her that he sent to the council in December using a phony name. She also aired suspicions that Alderman Sam Kooiker was involved in other false e-mails sent to the council last year.

Schumacher admitted to sending a phony e-mail, but Kooiker denied any involvement.


According to several council members, Schumacher was confronted by the entire council in an executive session last month and urged to make a public apology.

Hadcock said because Schumacher had failed twice to apologize to citizens and the council, she decided to go public.

"I'm disappointed that he hasn't. But it's not the first time these games have been played with this council and the city," she said.


Hadcock said the e-mail made her suspicious so she had it traced but could not get a 100 percent match to anyone. She told the rest of the council of her concerns and when another e-mail was sent out in December critical of council members and the city's purchase of Christmas lights, it was traced back to Schumacher's personal e-mail.

Schumacher, who left the meeting before Hadcock made her statement due to not feeling well, doesn't deny that he wrote an e-mail using the fictitious name Ed Delaity but said it was the only one he has written.
Read it all here.

This comes the same day as another RCJ article in response to Councilman Sam Kooiker's accusations that the Hamilton PAC filing was questionable.

Several days ago, I had someone comment on the website (anonymously, of course) that I was railing on Mike because I was jealous of all the political consulting he was getting paid for. Between this and the multiple controversies which have erupted from his choosing consulting fees over his friend - envy is not the feeling that would well up in me. No envy at all.

It would be more pity. Pity for learning the lesson of what money doesn't buy.

Honor, for one.


Anonymous said…
What a dishonest pathetic loser!
Anonymous said…
Looks like someone has completely worn out his welcome in town and should probably relocate elsewhere. Shumacher should just resign whatever time he has left. Do it now!
Anonymous said…
How do you not have a post up about the Supreme Court decision on abortion yet? This isn't a conservative blog, it's a Gladys Kravitz blog.

PP said…
Because I have to work for a living too! Patience, padawan. Patience.
Anonymous said…
Your work didn't preclude another inane post on Rapid City's petty little squabbles.
Anonymous said…
Good one 5:24. I think way too much has been written about this, even in the in the MSM.
PP said…
That's because this was my noontime post.

so, nyeah.
Anonymous said…
How can you help but watch this debacle in Rapid? Schumacher is a wreck, and it's hard to look away. First he's a backstabber, then perhpas a tax evader, and now what? He's in junior high? He sent emails using a psuedonym to other council people criticising them for positions he doesn't agree with. There's some fine leadership for you. Just when you think the guy can't top Judas, he comes up with Stu Pidasso.
The Poet said…
Please listen my friends, without fail.
To a terrible story about a faked e-mail.

Two are accused. Sam denies. Mike admits.
In the paper it comes out (Isn't that the sh*ts?)

Hadcock roars with fury to the city commission.
"I'm bringing it out because I didn't get my public admission."

Before facing his peers, Mike runs home with illness or infection.
Running away under scandal - just as he withdrew from the election.

Political naughtiness adding fuel to the fire.
An outstanding consultant for people to hire?

Comparing Mike and a hooker? Many differences, very true.
Because for money, there are some things even a hooker wouldn't do.

(support poetry in SD)
Anonymous said…
Deb Hadcock TRACED an email from a city employee?

What on earth is she doing?
Anonymous said…
This happened a few weeks ago, this is proably the reason Schumacher decided to not run for office again. He knew Hadcock was gonna nail him publicly.
Anonymous said…
HAs anyone pointed out Deb's illegal corporate advertising that she is getting? IE the Radisson sign, etc?

And she did a mailing in March?

She is scared.

Go Steve Laurenti.
Anonymous said…
Time to throw out the mayor and the entire council - all of them - and start over fresh.

Enough is enough of this BS junior high drama. Everybody's in on it. Time for adults acting like adults!
Anonymous said…
Deb Hadcock should know that making accusations without proof is a poor way to show your leadership qualities. She isnt that much different from Schumacher.
Anonymous said…
Deb Hadcock also almost always operates without facts.
enough said…
Deb Hadcock owes Sam Kooiker an apology. She hired an investigator and then used public resources to try to link him to an email that was sent by a city employee. She had no facts, and he was completely cleared by the council. She continues to accuse him immature behavior, which is precisely what she is guilty of.
Anonymous said…
Steve Laurenti is going to win the election. Hadcock has no support.
Brenda said…
Sounds like instead of Kookier and Schumacher team writing letters. Now we have Kookier and Laurenti tema writing opinions. With no name on them. Open Governement, Christian people where not in these people.

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