Do you hear what I hear? Thoughts of redistricting are in the Air

Terry Woster has a story in today's Argus Leader that Republicans should pay great heed to - Democrats are focusing their efforts on the 2010 races. Not just to gain seats - but to gain the upper hand in re-districting:
South Dakota Democrats are linking a search for candidates and a fundraising push to the next legislative redistricting in 2011.

Democrats never have controlled either house of the state Legislature during a redistricting year, a party mailing touting the "Our Time to Lead/2011 Club" says.

The redistricting hook is part of an initiative to build on gains in the state Legislature made during the last election, said party Executive Director Rick Hauffe.


"When we talk about 2011, we are seeking to retain the value of winning five state Senate seats in 2006, and how we are now in position to go the rest of the distance," Hauffe said.

The focus on redistricting is both practical and political, Hauffe said. It gives donors something tangible to target with their money, and it "shapes political fortunes every decade,'' he said.
Read it all here.

The ultimate goal of politics is to achieve a majority - be it through victory or coalition -- in order to promote the agenda which a party (or person) believes is important. It's why it is dangerous to fracture the party - because it damages Republican's abilities to promote our agenda.

We need to focus on the next two elections and in electing all Republicans. Not just those we agree with or to throw out those who don't. That's what primaries are for. But when those primaries are over, it is imperative to support the full slate.


Anonymous said…
That's right. When Stan Adelstein wins his primary, it's imperative on all of us to support him.
Anonymous said…
A glance at the potential Senate races for next year tells me that the Dems have an uphill battle. The fact is that they won several close elections last year. A few of those districts could easily go the other way next time. And there aren't very many more districts where the Dems have a great chance. It's not inconceivable that they could win control - they've done it before - but it is not likely. But a guy can't blame em for trying - that is what political parties are for.

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