Johnson Staff memo on Senator Johnson's return

The Washington Post's blog "Capitol Briefing" had an interesting memo from Julianne Fischer posted several days ago. Check out what the Johnson spokesperson had to say about handling questions about his return:
From: Democratic Press Secretaries [mailto:REDACTED] On Behalf Of Fisher,
Julianne (Johnson)
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 3:53 PM
Subject: Update from Senator Johnson's Office...

Hey, everyone - I thought I would touch base quickly from the Johnson office
to thank you all again for all of the support you have given Team Johnson. I
only wish I had a nickel for every time someone has asked us for a timeline
or a firm date for his return. He's receiving regular briefings from staff,
following the news, reading memos, etc. While I can assure you he would much
rather be here than where he is, we are still not releasing a date.

The Senator is doing great and making wonderful progress. You may soon be
seeing stories about some physical changes to Senator Johnson's DC office.
They are, in fact, widening some of the walkways in the suite, as well as,
making some changes to his personal office so that it better fits his needs
when he returns. This process will take several weeks, and he certainly will
not return before it is completed. Senator Johnson is still in in-patient
rehabilitation. He will eventually transition to out-patient status before
returning to work in the office.

I know many of your bosses have been asked by the media about his return. If
possible, we do ask that you talk to your bosses about creating timeframes
Senator Johnson CAN meet, rather than ones that just don't match what he
will be able to deliver.

Again - he's doing really well, but it simply takes time to recover. If
asked, he will return as soon as he can.

Thank you so much for the help. It's definitely appreciated. If you have any
questions, just drop me a line.

Read the entire story here at the Washington post.


Anonymous said…
Julianne, pick a reporter you like and grant him an interview with the Senator. The secrecy has gone on long enough. We don't have to know where he is. But we have to HOW he is. Do the right thing.
Anonymous said…
She didn't come out and say it, but it sounds like he'll be in a wheelchair for a while.
nonnie said…
How many ways can you say spin?

As long as they aren't allowing anyone to actually see him, it really means as far as being able to function well, he probably can't. That is sad, and maybe he will improve more. But meanwhile we in SD are left without our total representation in the Senate.

But the Dem's are left with their very slim majority, and that is the real reason why no one is allowed to see him and he is not allowed to resign. The statement that he is being given briefings is meaningless if he can't vote on the issues. Widening doors etc is just a delay tactic to keep us at bay, as are the facts that his campaign is collecting money and so-and-so went to work on his campaign committee and the few pictures released a month or so ago.

My best prediction is that no one will be allowed to see him until it's too late to appoint someone to fill out his term, then he will resign, and then candidates will announce for the primary for his then open seat.
feasant said…
Johnson will not resign. Tim would do what is right for SD but the rest of the Dems will not allow that to happen. Liberals do not care for SD.
Anonymous said…
Nonnie: "meanwhile we in SD are left without our total representation in the Senate."

Hey, Toots! You should have thought of that before replacing Daschle with Empty Suit Thune. Whine about something else.
Anonymous said…

For being such a staunch and self-righteous supporter of life, you're pretty heartless towards Johnson.
feasant said…
John Thune works for the people of South Dakota, he has done a super job. Tommy worked four years for the Liberals and two years for SD. Quit whining Tommy is gone and the reason is: He forgot he was from SD, remember the line "I am a DC resident."

You are a typical Liberal when you are wrong throw smoke up in the air in a different location. This is about the Liberals not letting Tim Johnson step down so South Dakota has two voices in the Senate.

This proves Liberals do not care for South Dakota!
Anonymous said…
Wow...someone hit a little too close to the truth for feasant. There is quite a bit of buyers remorse in reguards to Thune.
Anonymous said…

Have you discussed this issue with your Priest? I guess that would make you a cafetiera Catholic. I have been told on several occasions that I am not a REAL Catholic because I don't agree with the church 100 percent of the time. I guess you are not a REAL Catholic either.
Anonymous said…
You would think this person would be happy not to have Tim's "liberal" votes cancelling Thune's "great work" in the Senate for a while. Like 10:46 says, there's perhaps more going on here than the author realizes.
Anonymous said…
Hi John! Is that you?
nonnie said…
Not every issue that needs voting on is strictly a Dem vs Rep issue. SD elected two senators and we are missing one of our voices. I too think that Johnson would probably resign if the decision were up to him and he knew he couldn't perform his job, but you can be that Pelosi et al would never let him.

The fact is that I hope he improves and is able to return to the Senate. The other fact is that since no one is actually able to visit with Johnson, even his staff, things obviously are not going that well. This is not being heartless; this is being realistic.
Anonymous said…

Pelosi is in the House.

Johnson is in the Senate.

The House and the Senate are not the same thing.

Go back to high school civics and join us again when you can demonstrate just an elementary understanding of how government works.

Thanks in advance.
Anonymous said…
Nonnie doesn't need to go back to school. She is already just how republican's like their women-stupid.
Anonymous said…
6:44 -- You aren't that bright, either. "Republicans," in the manner in which you used the word, should not have an apostrophe.
Anonymous said…
I just wish the Argus and the media (ie. KELO) would go after this story as if Johnson was a Republican. I don't think their patience would be in such high supply.
Anonymous said…
Are some of you JUST figuring out that games are being played???
Anonymous said…
Read Directions:

The spin cycle is stuck, call in someone to fix it.
nonnie said…
I remember my civics courses, thank you. You may think Pelosi is limiting her powers of persuasian to the House, I don't. She is the new face of the Dem party in Washington. Heck, she even fancies herself "prez in waiting" if she can just figure out how to get rid of Bush and Cheney. I said "Pelosi et al" and that includes the rest of the top dog Dems in Washington.

None of them will allow Johnson to quit if his doing so results in a loss of the Dem's slim majority in the Senate. Call me stupid if you want to, I don't care. I'm bright enough to figure that out. Are you, anon 6:44?

Johnson was elected to serve as one of SD's voices in the Senate. We are paying him to do so; thus he works for us. If he can't perform his job and will not be able to perform his job in the next two years, he should say so and step down. Any elected congress person of any party should do so in like circumstances. If I'm hired to do a job, suffer Johnson's illness, and refuse to let my boss know how I am doing (and I'm not talking about spin here, I'm talking about real facts), how long do you think my boss would hold my job for me?

The only difference here is politics. We deserve better. (And don't say I'm not sympathetic to Johnson's plight, I am.) This wasn't right when Mundt (Reps) did it years ago, and it isn't right when Johnson (Dems) are doing it now.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Nonnie's post above
Anonymous said…
On a side note:
Talk about job security
Talk about tenure (sp) sorry
(Like teachers gets)
Except these people for the most part are set for life.

Plese don't think I am picking on Sen Johnson...i'm not. I feel bad!
I also don't what side of the isle you are on this is wrong in more than a few ways.

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