700,000 by tomorrow!

As you can tell from my stat counter (as screen captured above) tomorrow will likely mark the SDWC's 700,000th page hit. It's certainly worth noting as far as I'm concerned.

Thank you all for your readership.

And if you're so inclined to help keep things going for another 700,000 page visits (about 2 1/2 years), your support of the SDWC is always appreciated. (Just hit the infamous "beg button" up on the right hand side of the page.

And if you are in need of an attorney, please patronize our advertiser - the DeMersseman Jensen Christianson Stanton & Huffman law firm.


Anonymous said…
I predict that if you keep telling people how if they don't want to read your slimey little gossipy posts they should go blog somewhere else — when they are only trying to get you to transcend your petty little neurotic paranoid self — your vblog will be dead in six months. Hopefully sooner.
Anonymous said…
Do i hear a hint of jealousy!
If the poster feels this way then why stop by? O that is right so they can make a negative comment!

No, this is not PP, it is an avid reader and sometimes poster.

Smiles to you anyway.
Anonymous said…
Way to go PP! Sorry for not including this in the 7:44 post!!
PP said…
6:37 - I'd recommend reading "the Secret." Really.

(You seem to have some negativity problems that might benefit from a positive attitude.)
Anonymous said…
"If the poster feels this way then why stop by?"

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
Anonymous said…
Poster 8:20.
How true how could i have been so lame.
frm poster 7:44p
Anonymous said…
1 \/\/0ULD 45|< 4LL /\/\'/ 4|\|0|\|'//\/\0U5 bR37|-|R3|\| 70 (U7 pP 4 L177L3 5L4(|<. |-|3 d353R\/35 17.
Anonymous said…
Say what. What is the code?
Deputy Dawg said…
Aliens. They're here.
Anonymous said…
some folks arrive at this blog, because they agree with PP, and want to raise the rafters.

some arrive because they disagree and dont want to let him dominate the blogways. that works too.

and some...myself included...come here because we think PP just MIGHT have some bit of breaking news.

he provides one communications hub for political junkies, and does it for free.

it reminds me of addiction. I know it (SDWC) isnt good for me, but i gotta have it!
nicholas Nemec said…
He does it for free but he is begging you to hit the beg button. Don't be a freeloader it takes real money to buy shoes & corn flakes for those seven kids of his.

At least his job provides health insurance and he doesn't have to buy that on the open market.
Anonymous said…
So basicly it says that you have about 750 people a day checking in here, right? I'm guessing about 70-80% of them are the same people every day, but how would you know?
Anonymous said…
Rapid City Council watchers, check this out

Phony E-mails Divide Council

Who is Stu Pidasso?
Anonymous said…
ditto 12:10
Anonymous said…
yea right poster 10:36A

10:36 said…

No really

1 \/\/0ULD 45|< 4LL /\/\'/ 4|\|0|\|'//\/\0U5 bR37|-|R3|\| 70 (U7 pP 4 L177L3 5L4(|<. |-|3 d353R\/35 17


I would ask all my anonymous brethren to cut PP a little slack. He deserves it.

Anonymous said…
well, i got the "I would" and the "PP" part but who has time to try an translate your post?
I for one do not.

I know some puter language but NOT MUCH! Didn't see enough 0000 and 1111 in the lines.
Anonymous said…
That's Leet.

It's a modern form of shiboleth.

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