Argus Leader: Gorilla Revealed

The Argus Leader reveals tonight that the Gorilla Project is an oil refinery, as some people had suspected. Now, can we pull off getting it?
A Texas energy company is behind Project Gorilla, which is planning the nation’s first new oil refinery in the past three decades, the company confirmed today.

Hyperion Resources of Dallas, Texas, is considering Union County but also other sites in the U.S. as well, officials say.

Plans call for "the most environmentally sound energy center in the United States," the company said in a statement released to the Argus Leader.

"The central component of the energy center will be an oil refinery, which will refine approximately 400,000 barrels of oil per day into clean, green transportation fuels, including ultra-low sulfur gasoline and ultra-low sulfur diesel," according to the statement.

“Gas prices are the highest in U.S. history, and the U.S. refining infrastructure hasn’t seen a significant change since 1976," Hyperion Project Executive J.L. “Corky” Frank said in the statement.


If the firm succeeds in building a new refinery, it would be the first one built in the United States since 1976, the company said. Over the years, refining capacity in the U.S. "has not kept pace with demand," Frank said.
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Anonymous said…
The Sanford health center is already confirmed.

The Gorilla is getting closer.

And then Homestake is on the horizon.

Happy days for SD if we were to get all three of them.
Anonymous said…
Isn't this the same company the Argus Leader identified awhile back as the likely company behind gorilla ?

They had a n editor , JEff Martins, who knew companies register web sites early and then had the sense to search around for one connecting it to elk point.

That guy plays in the big leagues of newspapers and maybe should get a raise from the Argus.
Anonymous said…
This must be related to the pipeline coming down through Canada (yes, they aren't afraid of developing their own resources.) It would be a lot better than a bunch of ethanol plants. Oh yeah!
Anonymous said…
The farmers will screw this up.
Anonymous said…
Well it will come down to a few Private property rights people that will stop both of these projects...By wanting and holding out for a whore house price.....or better yet because they dont want to sell. The basic of private property rights.
Anonymous said…
The farmers will screw this up?? Please enlighten me...
Anonymous said…
Marshall Co. Comments that I have heard is that the pipeline want to cross private property and not be liable for any leaks. Makes one say hummmm! This doesn't sound like any contract we are going to sign. All we ask is that the pipeline follow I-29.

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