Campaign Memorabilia - 1964 Nils Boe Campaign postcard

I sometimes forget the wide variety of people who read this website. I had a very, very nice note from "Joyce" who wanted to send me a postcard she got at a sale. She thought of the SDWC when she saw this one.

Yes, this is our "bachelor" Governor, Nils Boe.

Take a look at the postmark date. This was from the Republican Gubernatorial Primary in 1964, where he came off of serving as Lt. Governor for the immediately preceding term.

This type of color postcard was not uncommon for these types of races, and you can find several examples by McGovern, Foss, and other politicians of the era. But I can guarantee you this is the first "Boe" card I've seen.

Joyce - thank you very much for sharing this fun political item.

If anyone else has a unique political item they'd like to share - drop me a note. I'd love to devote a post to it. Buttons, ribbons, you name it. I might tell candidates not to order buttons, but that doesn't mean I don't love them myself.


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