Sorry for the mixup.

It seems I continue to have a troll on the website.

If you've noticed lately, there have been random comments from one section of the website, made in posts past that are reposted under another part of the website under newer comments. I had originally attributed it to a glitch in the blogger software, but as I dig deeper into it, there is just too much coincidence. It looks like someone is trying to muck up the message boards.

So, it's not a glitch. Someone is just being an ass, and is attempting to derail conversation. That's fine. I'll continue to press the issue with their Internet Service Provider, as I did when they were doing it before with drug and sexually based material.

The thing is, if they'd engage in civil discourse and actually add something to the conversation, or at least be entertaining, that would be great. Have at it. But instead, they're doing things that border on creepy obsession. By last count, They've been playing with my website for nearly the last 5 hours now. I'm not on my own website that much.

So, keep it up. As I've said before, your ISP is going to get sick of you or me.


Anonymous said…
I agree with you PP. I might have missed something earlier but i check the board if i get a free minute.
Anonymous said…
Actually, I've grown fond of this space where everyone posts as "anonymous."

The posters here have developed a completely clear method of tracking their coments by referencing the time each comment is posted.

If you look at other blogs, (Mt. Blogmore, for example) there are times when the numbering of posts gets out of whack and the participants seem to be responding to the wrong person.

Names and pseudonyms can also get in the way because some names weigh heavier or lighter than others and end up being too reviled or too revered for the wrong reasons. (Cult of personality.)

The egalitarian method posters use here works better. Call it "evolution" if you like. Or perhaps even "Democracy," or "Blind Justice."

Watever. This is indeed an interesting and unique blog environment. Totally populist and non-partisan (although my hunch is, it was originally developed to shelter insecure right-wing partisans.)

Regardless, why try to change it now? It's South Dakota at it's best (and worst.)

And yes, PP, if you're trying to exclude someone from your otherwise delightful food fight here, don't be surprised if they act up on you.

Be what you've always been — open and free — and I bet your technical problems will subside.

Finally, remember people, often as not, we become what we hate. That being said, let it roll!
PP said…
good point, 7:32, but I'd disagree on a couple of minor points.

I've only excluded people when they won't abide by the few rules here, such as remaining on topic, and not spamming the board.
Anonymous said…
Pat, that's a lie. You kicked Newland off because he made a harmless joke that was neither off topic nor spam.
Anonymous said…
"things that border on creepy obsession"

You mean like defending the worst attorney general to ever occupy the seat?

You mean like defending the president who has now killed over 3000 kids and maimed 10000 more in pursuit of a religious ideal?

Or do you mean your own obsession with denying discussion on a safe, but banned, medicine that works to alleviate pain and nausea for thousands and thousands of sick, disabled and dying people.
PP said…
knock it off bob
Anonymous said…
I actually agree with you on medical marijuana. I really and truly do…but the fact that you seem to find a way to associate it with absolutely every discussion that takes place on the blog is annoying as hell. Add in the spamming of the website, and you are not winning ANY converts. All you are doing is making yourself look like a petulant little child who got mad that one of the other kids wouldn’t let him play in his sandbox. This is PP’s blog. While he disagreed with you (as I’m guessing that he disagrees with damn near everything I post) he seems pretty fair about letting the posts stand so long as you don’t violate his rules –
1) Stay on topic.
2) Don’t post potentially damaging undocumented (undocumented being the key here…if you can back it up, go for it) information.
3) Don’t pee in the pool.
You kept violating the stay on topic rule. He asked you multiple times to stop…you didn’t. Then he asked you to go away. Yes, he is wrong on medical marijuana. But this is his sandbox, you are a guest, and if you can’t live by the rules, go away.
Anonymous said…

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