Here's a nice story - SD Bar steps up to the plate for flood victims

The Aberdeen American News has a nice editorial today on members of the SD State Bar who stepped up to the plate to help the victims of the Aberdeen Flood:
Kudos to the South Dakota Bar Association and the Federal Emergency Management Agency for providing free legal counseling and referrals to area flood victims.


The people affected by the flood need all the support they can get. Free legal assistance will enable many people - who are currently overwhelmed by flood-related loss of homes and possessions, government information, medical and insurance claims - to sort things out without having to worry about one more bill to pay.
Read it all here.

In another life, now many years ago, I worked at the SD Division of Insurance and helped people try to settle insurance claims and problems through research and semi-informal arbitration. 9 times out of ten, it was a matter of correctly interpreting the terms of the insurance policy. You wouldn't believe how many people don't t know what's in that contract.

I can't imagine a flood of this magnitude and the mess that it's made out of people's lives, and having to sort out what the policy says.

I'd concur with the Aberdeen Newspaper - kudos are well deserved for the The Young Lawyers Division of the South Dakota Bar Association and their sense of service to the community.


Anonymous said…
PP, you've possibly exposed what could be the biggest story of this election cycle!
Anonymous said…
Not trying to be picky here, but in regard to the Ted Klaudt item, it's "genteel," not "gentile."
Anonymous said…
When was the last time a retailer
got assistance when when business was slow.

How about the tourist attractions in the hill? How much are they going to lose because of the high gas prices.

Yet you don't hear them asking for Fed or State money.

Add to that, the farmers and ranchers are paying a lot lower property tax bill because of the special rate they get for ag land.

While I'm all for trying to help keep the family farm alive, I'm really tried of hearing how hard they have it. They get more breaks then everyone else combined.

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