Just another thought on Tom Johnson's 1am TRAN-scendental experience

Just a passing thought on Rapid City Councilman Tom Johnson's travels with an 18 year old girl who he had no idea was a boy as he/she was arrested for DUI:

Tell me if they have cameras in Rapid City Police vehicles? Because this sounds like it could be a good one.

At the least, it's would be an interesting study to watch on camera as an aspiring politician's career ends.


Anonymous said…
Tom Johnsons political carrer was all but over before this incident. He barely garnered 13% of the vote for Mayor. He has lost to newcomers numerous times, Hanks and French to name a couple, barely wins his ward when he does win, and has been unopposed the rest of the time. With the field of 5 candidates running for city council this year, surley one will come back and beat him, if he runs, next year. He has been around long enough that his lies and unpopular positions are well known, Wal-mart and the adult business ordinance to name a couple. He raised our taxes to make loans to developers and is the number one TIF sugardaddy. A very dismal record for an alderman that has been around for over a decade.
Anonymous said…
18-year-old females are women, not girls.
Anonymous said…
18 year old girls who hang with Tom Johnson are twits. So are 18 year old boys masquerading as girls, at least if they're hangin' with Johnson.
Anonymous said…
1:54 and 2:51
And there you have it, the difference between rational, objective fact and rabid, foaming at the mouth opinion. Take note debators. The mudslinger is the loser.
Anonymous said…
hoo da mud slinga ?
Anonymous said…
Isn't it obvious?
Anonymous said…
awl look like muud ta mee

muudz ok tho, if u b a pig
bh said…
Just another thought on Tom's wild ride...he claims he was putting up campaign signs while swerving around at 1:30 AM with his intoxicated "friend." In the reports we find no mention whether there were any campaign signs in the car. Oh, one other thought..did Tom get a citation for the tail light??
Anonymous said…
Me thinks da PC be da mud slinga. Cuz he be a wing dinga.
He sure ain't no bling blinga.
He iz a hatchet man singa.
His political career din't linga.
Anonymous said…
Good old nuts and bolts stuff...or is it nuts and dolts? Anyway it appears that PP is saying a variation of the "A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client." also applies to candidates who are managers of their own campaigns.

Get that phrased better. It's a keeper..maybe.

George Mikkelson(sp?) did the knock on doors thing well. I never voted for him, but I also won't forget him knocking on our door in a snowstorm asking for our support..well, actually my mother-in-laws support..the only unrepentant Republican in the house.

Good advice here. Now, if the Democrats can persuade themselves it is coming from somebody in DC in a 3-piece suit made in France and wearing Italian shoes.........

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