I'd just like to clairfy that last position.......

Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin made the unusual step of going so far as to clarify her statement as written in the Pierre Capitol Journal last week on thinking the US needs to join the Kyoto treaty. Despite the fact it could damage farm income:
U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is clarifying comments made last week about her recent four-nation trip where she toured with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to see the effects of global warming.

The Democratic congresswoman from South Dakota said last week that she does recognize the need for the U.S. to be involved in international climate negotiations in a post-Kyoto world. However, she still thinks it was the right decision for the U.S. to not join the Kyoto Treaty when it was signed.
Read it all here, along with her specific statement.

AH! A clarification.

I think one of the commenters on the blog was noting that the congresswoman's Greenland trip to watch the glaciers melt and her new "awareness" of global warming was much ado about nothing.

Sure it's not.


Anonymous said…
That was a clarification?
Anonymous said…
I made that comment about Herseth Sandlin's trip and I stand by it.

Herseth Sandlin haters won't like the trip, Herseth Sandlin apologists will, and the fencesitters won't care.

Herseth Sandlin's trip will change no votes. Not one.
Anonymous said…
My lord, pp, have you counted up how many times you have posted on this topic lately?

Can you spell "spank the monkey?"

Give that wrist a rest, will ya?

Otherwise none of us are going want to try your pulled pork recipe.
Anonymous said…
MY GOD IS SHE A HACK! if she's going to be a mini-Pelosi on global warming then just be that person. Now she's flip-flopped already when things got hot.
Anonymous said…
2:29: Russ, shouldn't you be thinking up Congresswoman Sandlin's next release instead attacking PP all the time. Just because the Princess can't make up her mind on how to posture it isn't PP's fault!
Anonymous said…
2:42, Let alone your tossed salad.
(BTW, who's Russ?)
Anonymous said…
Does anyone really doubt what a complete phony Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin is? We all know that in her heart she is for Kyoto. And i'm glad she is. But then she pulls this stunt and totally cuts the legs out from under us Kyoto supporters. I'm not voting for a Republican, but i ain't voting for her again.
PP said…
2:29, I'll bring it up as long as it remains in the news as a valid item of discussion.

If you want to be mad at someone, look the the media - They keep talking about it, and hence, so do I.

I just take a different (albeit more cynical) look at it. That's all.
Anonymous said…
Yes, "bring it up" is probably
the right way to put it, PP.
Anonymous said…
The nice thing about Monday morning quarterbacking is that the QB can complain about the calls made, the calls not made and the result of same. If the Representative makes a statement about any topic and then upon further review clarifies it does this make her look foolish or does it improve the clarity of the message? I guess it depends if you are for global warming/Kyoto Treaty or think its a bunch of "hot air" or much ado about nothing. The best thing one can do in public office, I guess, is to have an automatic rewind button so that anything said can be recanted, restated or revised ad infinitum ad nauseum to make everybody happy all the time!
Anonymous said…
this is not a "clarification." this is a complete FLIP-FLOP. She was for joining Kyoto and her and Nancy got back from the iceberg. And now she's against it after PP expose her.
Anonymous said…
PP, the only reason that the Herseth press shop is badgering you is because is because they know they look like flip-flopping idiots. Continue to speak truth to power, PP!
Anonymous said…
Herseth-Sandlin saw the info you put up PP which showed that Kyoto would totally undermine American farmers. She got scared this would hurt her politically. So she flipped. It's that simple. It's the POWER OF PP, pure and simple. Good job driving this and exposing this phony sorority girl/airhead for what she is.
Anonymous said…
The ole grey mare isn't what she said she was...it is just that some of us knew it from the beginning.
Anonymous said…
IF, this goes through look for farmering to leave not only SD but in America. In good ole SD look for more DRIED UP TOWNS! Call em ghost towns. No farmers = No businesses = NO schools = higher taxes = people moving out!
What will it take for people to wake up and smell the roses.
She doesn't get it!
This is all to serious to have someone in there that doesn't get it and know.
Anonymous said…
Not only do you folks not understand what Stephanie is saying, you don't even seem to understand what you're saying about her. That's understandable, neither does the no-minds who wrote the Capital Journal article, apparently.
Anonymous said…
If i only had the article that stated she was IN favor of the Agreement i would throw it at you.

She is just a flip flopper.

You know it is kind of like the kerry saying I was for it before I was against it.
History Maker line that is!
Anonymous said…
3:47 Case in point. Most people have come around to Kerry's position by now, including the Repubs. He just got pimped about the way he said it, and because he was one of the first to do so.
Anonymous said…
If people can't ever change their mind, nothing will ever change. I suppose that's the very definition of "conservative" though, come to think of it. Good thing most reasonable people don't feel obliged to live in that kind of rut.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
why can't the large news outlets in South Dakota cover this story? why is it left up to the tiny Pierre paper, no offense to the Cap Journal.
Anonymous said…
As a Conservative I am by no means locked into any rut. So don't spin it that way.
I am all for American's furthering for themselves.
We could achieve more if the Government would stay out.
The Dems just want to take away rights of individuals, it is plain and simple. That is NOT America!
They want socialism or at least a new form of it.
Anonymous said…
Hopefully, Rounds runs against her in '08 senate. We could be done with her sooner than later. Larry Russel can take the House Seat. But then we might have to deal with her running for Gov. Maybe we just can't get rid of her.
Anonymous said…
6:25 Baloney.

(I offer this opinion with no more
or no less suport than you did yours.)
Anonymous said…
6:31 Larry Russell can't gfind his ass with both hands nd a foot. And if he could, he wouldn't know wat to do with is. He's the conn-sumate lightweight. All hat, no cattle.
Anonymous said…
PP from 2:29

I think you should clarify you statements to say that you bring up issues in the media that ARE CRITICAL OF DEMS.

If there's an issue that's critical of Rs, and its in the media, you don't touch it.

That's fine - but, simply justifying your content on the media coverage is actually a lie. You are selective, and you should at least admit that.
Anonymous said…
PP. He brings out the best and the worst in us. And sometimes the best, have the worst spelling.
Anonymous said…
Yes, PP.You are, after all a practiced, consumate, manipulative liar. But then, that is, after all your
Machieavellian objective, yes? Like Sibson, you ascribe to a higher cause, beyond what we mere mortals-in-sin can comprehend. Hey, you know what? I say screw the both of you.
Anonymous said…
Ha, PP, you've got the whiny liberals really crying tonight good job. They are just embarassed because their great champion is a sell-out phony.

Keep it up PP. The liberals at the Argus will never cover this!
Anonymous said…
The liberals on this blog
are smarter than the conservatives.

You just can't deny it.

It's clear in both the writing
and the thinking.

I bet if you did an IQ test
of SDWC readers,
the averarge for the libs
would be 10+ points higher
than the conservatives.

Not the case across the board,
but on this blog,
there's no doubt about it.


An independent
Anonymous said…
I see, because PP exposes Herseth-Sandlin as a flip-flopper conservatives are dumb. Smart argument.
Anonymous said…
9:42 is a moron, since all the posters on this blog are libs...hahahahaha...Moron
Anonymous said…
I'll put my IQ up against any of the liberal posers on this board. But since few of us knows who anyone else is, I guess I'm just tooting my own horn with no proof of my incredible intelligence!
Anonymous said…
It feels good to know that I am not the idiot and have it confirmed.

Bruce -
Anonymous said…
it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind--one day she is for one of the largest and best-known treaties ever written and then the next day, oh well, she opposes it

Anonymous said…
She was for it before she was against it? Sound Familiar?

2:20 you are probably right, most voters don't pay attention until it is too late.

Sad but True!

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