There's a meeting for Ron Paul supporters (and conspiracy theorists). And what happened to the picture?

I was doing a little follow up on one of my previous posts, and I noticed a few things about the South Dakota Ron Paul for president supporters.

First, they're apparently having a meeting for South Dakotans who are supporting Ron Paul. Unfortunately, South Dakota's JAILer in chief is hosting it:
Saturday, June 30, 2007, 12:00 PM
Bill Stegmeier's home
47010 Airport Place, Tea, SD
Tea , SD 57064


At the request of many South Dakota for Ron Paul members, I am re-scheduling our first Meetup for Saturday, June 30!

As well as getting to meet and know each other, we will be discussing each others ideas on how to most effectively spread the word about just who this Ron Paul guy is and why he's the only real choice if we want to save this country.

We will also want to discuss ideas on how to recruit new South Dakota for Ron Paul members, or even the idea of starting other Ron Paul Meetup groups in your various counties.

So, lets meetup at my house at around noon on the 30th. Please come plenty hungry as I'll have the cooker going with pork tenderloins for sandwiches. Please bring a side dish of your choice. I will have beer, soft drinks, and bottled water for everyone.

After lunch and our meeting, we can enjoy volleyball, softball, horseshoes, and I have the pool set up for the kids!

So, to recap:

When: Saturday June 30th. starting 12:00 noon.
Where: Bill Stegmeier's house at 47010 Airport Place, Tea, SD

Directions: I'm not actually in the town of Tea. My house is in the middle of a small industrial park on the west side of the Tea airport.

I have a map posted at http://rmsroller-grin...
or you can phone me at 605-214-1248 and I can give you directions.

I Hope everyone can make it, and please bring along your friends and family.


Donations optional:

USD 5.00 per person

Read it all here.

And second, I notice the picture of Stegmeier with the plastic toy on his shoulder isn't there anymore.

Possibly because it looked ridiculous.


Anonymous said…
Speaking of Brock Greenfield, he will be the Honored Guest at the January 6, 2008, Fall River County Republican Party Pre-Legislative Social. Gordo Pederson, Gordon Howie and Jim Lintz will also be present. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. at Scotty's Steakhouse and Lounge on the Highway 18 Bypass in Hot Springs. Tickets are $5.00. If interested, RSVP to Lance Russell at 745-6871.
Anonymous said…
We saw what happened in WW2 with Isolationists. Countries stood by while 9 million Jews were tortured, gassed, experimented on and ultimately burned like garbage in furnaces that housed two thousand people. I don't want to face that in my generation. Now is always the time to do something.
Rudy is the guy we need. He's going to send patriotic shivers down those lefty's spines when they are forced to remember 9/11 actually happened. Patriotism is the lefts worst enemy, we know it because why else would they insist on taking images off of TV. Rudy is everything they've been covering up and marginalizing since 9/11. To me this state of denial with the dems and Ron Paul of the GOP is as dangerous as the ememy coming after us.
I like Ron Paul. It's just not a time for taking chances and letting the enemy grow in strength, we are at war whether Ron Paul likes it or not. I hope you vote Rudy/Newt in '08. A ticket that won't take it form the left or the terrorists.
Anonymous said…
Hey Rambo at 7:16. It's too bad people like you have ruined the conservative movement. There was a time when conservatives understood the proper use of military force. Bush foreign policy is Wilsonian. He's squandering my tax money and the lives of our troops on a group of people who aren't capable of self government. Next you're going to tell us that running up huge deficits and pork barrel spending is conservative. Dude, turn of the Rush Limbaugh and read a book.
Anonymous said…
I also think we need Rudy. he just gets it.
Anonymous said…
I'd vote for him over any Dem.
Anonymous said…
Ron Paul is crazy! What's with you 10:54pm. Didn't you see him in he debate?
Anonymous said…
I'd vote for McCain before I voted for Ron Paul and that's saying something...
Anonymous said…
I like Giuliani but Romney and Fred Thompson are interesting as well. I can't believe Thune endorsed McCain.
Anonymous said…
Does Thune support the immigration bill too?
Anonymous said…
Newt all the way! He's got more brains in his little finger than the rest have combined. Newt '08
Anonymous said…
Does Thune support the imigration bill? Cause that's why I'm not voting for McCain. Didn't Rudy come campain for Thune in '04. I like Newt too.
Anonymous said…
You're all knuckle heads. It's the Dems year. Go Gore!
Anonymous said…
That 10:54pm Ron Paul fan sure got defensive. Though I am curious how many people will actually show up to the event. Too bad SD doesn't play a bigger role in presidential politics.
Anonymous said…
No Thune doesn't support the imigration bill. I can't wait for W to get out of there before he screws something else up. I wish I knew more about Ron Paul but I don't aggree on Isolationism.
Anonymous said…
Wish Rudy was more pro-life though. I believe he'll follow through on his comments and appoint strict constructionist judges. I'm leaning towards him.
Anonymous said…
For 11:36 - Newts not running!
Anonymous said…
Not even going to comment on Gore! 11:40
Anonymous said…
Thune should have endorsed Rudy, like me. In the LA Times/Bloomberg poll Giuliani beats Clinton by ten(49-39). Need I say more?

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