Huron GOP Picnic

I missed the event, but the Beadle County GOP Picnic was just held a couple of days ago in Huron. The picnic was held on the patio of Dakota Provision's Corporate Headquarters. Dakota Provisions is the Turkey processing plant that has been a major economic boon to the Huron area in the last year. Dakota Provisions employs around 400 people.

A few people I know were there, and they did send me this photo of Larry Russell and his family chatting with some of the members of the local GOP.

The GOP hosted the picnic under the leadership of Beadle County GOP Chairman Bush Fullerton. Bush runs a great county organization from an organizational and financial standpoint - he's a big part of why we have Republican representation in that county.


Anonymous said…
Was Larry registering voters?
Anonymous said…
Looks like all the republicans in huron are in that photo.
Anonymous said…
Ahh, Republicans in Huron. You wouldn't know it if you lived there. I remember the liberal crazies in that town from when I lived there. You wouldn't think it was South Dakota.

The Turkey plant has helped Huron out quite a bit. Now if only the DM&E line goes through, Huron might be on it's way back to the good old days. You can bet the county goes Republican soon once they figure out that the republicans are the ones who can help them out.
Anonymous said…
Go Larry Russell!

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